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Countries Agree to Additional Crisis Grants | message


By Andreas Kiler

BERLIN (Dow Jones) – One day after the Bundestag, the Federal Council also approved the so-called Accompanying Act to the 2nd Supplementary Budget, which provides for further financial aid to help solve the crisis. According to the Federal Council, it contains measures to implement the economic and crisis management package so that its impulses can take effect quickly. The law created the legal basis for federal support for countries and municipalities in the area of ​​childcare, emphasized the Chamber of States. For 2020 and 2021, it will provide one billion euros for investments in 90,000 additional childcare places.

The so-called regionalization funds will be raised once this year by 2.5 billion euros. The law also creates the possibility of reducing the EEG surcharge through compensation payments: to 6.5 cents per kilowatt hour in 2021 and to 6.0 cents in the next year. In addition, an additional 5 billion euros will be made available for the expansion of the mobile infrastructure.

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July 03, 2020 11:40 ET (15:40 GMT)

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