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Czech government rules out second lockdown | message


PRAGUE (dpa-AFX) – Despite rising numbers of infections, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis has ruled out a second nationwide lockdown. “First of all, we have to appeal to people’s sense of responsibility,” said Babis on Saturday of the online edition of the newspaper “Pravo”. “While we were terribly disciplined in the beginning and wore masks, we are now going to the other extreme,” criticized the founder of the populist party ANO.

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in Europe, the Czech Republic imposed temporary exit restrictions as part of the lockdown and closed the borders for several months. Recently, the number of new infections every day had risen above the 200 mark again. On Friday, 281 cases were added, as the Ministry of Health announced on Saturday. There have been a total of 15 081 confirmed cases to date. 369 people died.

Regardless, more than 2000 people came together on a private property south of Prague for a techno party. The action was not registered with the authorities. The police are monitoring the situation, including using a helicopter, a spokeswoman said. The health department wants to check whether all hygiene regulations are complied with./hei/DP/nas

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