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Dealer or private ?: Selling used cars via online portals and car dealers – what is more worthwhile? | message


Sell ​​used cars

The used car market is flourishing in Germany, and there are several sales options available to private sellers. If you don’t want to resell the old vehicle to a private person for various reasons, there are still online portals and car dealerships to choose from.

As a rule, the sales prices here cannot be as high as would be the case with direct sales from private to private, but the seller has less work and more security with these variants.

But how can the used car be sold more lucratively and what should be considered when presenting and selling it? In the following, the sales variants, online portal and dealership, are compared with each other and presented what needs to be considered for the seller.

Sale through online portal

With both variants, the most important thing is the correct presentation of the vehicle, especially with the online portal, a little extra effort and small tricks can push the sales price up.

In order for potential buyers to find the vehicle offered as easily as possible using the search function of the online portal, it is important to operate all the filters offered, that is, a detailed data sheet for the car must be created. Because the more often the vehicle appears after a search query, the more purchase inquiries will follow. Since online brokers have a very large range of used cars, many potential buyers lose interest in a vehicle if the information in the vehicle data is incomplete.

Accordingly, the seller should take all vehicle-relevant information from the vehicle registration document, equipment features can be found in the original purchase contract. Information such as the mileage, color and price are also given here by the seller.

Information about additional services such as “winter tires included” can also be listed. Defects and accidental damage must also be declared by the seller.

In order to set a realistic price, the sales price should be compared to comparable cars. It is also advisable to set the price a little higher in the portal in order to leave room for negotiations. In addition, most sales portals charge a fee that is based on the sales price as a percentage.

Anyone who sells privately via an online platform must also set up a purchase contract, for example, to protect themselves against unlawful claims. Various sample contracts can be printed out on the ADAC website.

So if you are not afraid of some additional effort and follow all these steps, you can get very good sales prices in the online portal. It can also be worthwhile if you can sell at any time. Those who are not dependent on quick money usually get better sales prices with a little patience.

Sale to a car dealer

Whoever turns to a car dealer to sell their own used car usually saves a lot of work. Vehicle information does not have to be entered and the car is also presented on site. In addition, the car can be sold much faster than this via online portals. Many dealers buy the vehicle directly.

However, with the professional car dealer, the seller has significantly less scope for negotiation and determination than with sales via online portals. The dealer inspects the vehicle on the spot and states a price that he is willing to pay. The dealer also leaves room up here to enable negotiations, but as a rule no price is achieved here that would correspond to the level of online sales to private individuals.

Accordingly, selling to a dealer is less worthwhile in terms of price. For this, the trade is associated with less effort for the seller, he does not have to advertise the car himself and does not have to make an appointment with unknown private individuals to process the purchase. The dealership thus offers more security and a professional contract partner. Accordingly, the dealer also draws up the purchase contract and thus saves the seller additional effort.

Therefore, selling to a dealer is worthwhile for those who can cope with cutbacks in the sales price and want to save themselves a certain amount of effort. The sale to a car dealership can also be completed within a few days.

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