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Dispute over EU corona aid: Gentiloni sees chance for compromise | message


ROME (dpa-AFX) – Shortly after the start of the German EU Council Presidency, EU Economic Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni was optimistic that an early compromise can be reached in the dispute over billions in aid in the Corona crisis. “We can be confident,” he said in a video conversation Thursday. Italy’s finance minister Roberto Gualtieri participated in this. The Brussels Commission has proposed a € 750 billion program to tackle the economic consequences of the Covid 19 pandemic. Some countries, including the Netherlands and Austria, are against a high proportion of grants. You bet on loans.

Chancellor Angela Merkel In the struggle for the reconstruction program on the same day, she had said that she would become EU summit drive to Brussels. EU Commissioner Gentiloni stressed in the Internet round that Merkel is “one of the best negotiators I have met in my political experience”. There are compromise paths through a “mix of grants and loans” as well as the opportunity to compensate, for example, as part of other aid programs. “No one has closed the door on the Commission’s proposals,” said the Italian in the conversation to which the German embassy in Rome had invited.

Italy’s finance minister Gualtieri praised the program of the German presidency. Post-pandemic recovery plans gave Europe and Italy the opportunity to accelerate innovation and reform, he said. Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD), who was also involved, emphasized Germany’s sympathy for Italy in view of the high number of deaths. To date, almost 35,000 people have officially died in or with Covid-19 in Italy. Berlin had taken over the EU presidency on Wednesday for six months./pky/DP/fba

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