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dpa-AFX CUSTOMER INFO: Financial analysis in the dpa-AFX services | message


FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) – All reports from the financial news agency dpa-AFX are compiled with journalistic care. The six-eyes principle (creation, testing, additional approval) is regularly used when creating the reports. Each dpa-AFX editor signs an internal Code of Conduct, which specifies specific dpa-AFX regulations to maintain journalistic independence and whose compliance can be checked by dpa-AFX individually with an external audit.

Reports on investment recommendations / financial analyzes from third parties only summarize them or reproduce them in extracts. However, the reports do not constitute investment advice or investment recommendations, an offer or an invitation to conclude certain financial transactions.

In addition, they do not replace individual investor and investment advice. Therefore, any liability for damage of all kinds (especially property damage), which may occur when using the messages for your own investment decision, is excluded. Dpa-AFX has no influence on the content of the financial analysis / investment recommendations themselves, the sole responsibility for this is the company responsible for their preparation.

Information on any existing interests or conflicts of interest with regard to the financial instruments to which the dpa-AFX reports relate is published on the following website:

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