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ROUNDUP 2: Corona warning app gets update

BERLIN – After technical problems on various smartphones, the frequently used German Corona warning app has received an update. The latest version is intended to solve technical difficulties on Apple’s iPhone, as the software group SAP (SAP SE) and Deutsche Telekom announced. The app is intended to help prevent the virus from spreading further. Since its launch in mid-June, it has been downloaded by more than 16 million users.

ROUNDUP: spy affair at VW – company is looking for a mole

WOLFSBURG – A spy affair causes unrest at the world’s largest car maker Volkswagen. Apparently systematically and for a long time, a stranger recorded the conversations of an internal working group. Details have now been released to the public. The online business magazine “Business Insider” writes almost 50 hours of audio recordings from 2017 and 2018, which published extracts on the weekend.

ROUNDUP 2 / Corona vaccination: Karliczek does not expect any bottlenecks – experts are skeptical

BERLIN / HAMBURG – The federal government wants to enable every citizen to be vaccinated against the coronavirus as soon as a vaccine is found. “We are in the process of increasing production capacities in Germany,” said Research Minister Anja Karliczek (CDU) of the “Bild am Sonntag”. “If a vaccine is found, every German who wants it can also be vaccinated. We have to do it and we will do it.”

ROUNDUP 3: Free corona tests at airports – Spahn tests mandatory

BERLIN / LONDON – Returners from vacation abroad have had the corona virus tested free of charge at several airports in Germany since the weekend. The airports in Munich, Nuremberg, Dsseldorf, Kln / Bonn and Dortmund have been offering free examinations for the first time since Saturday. Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) checks “also a legal obligation” for such tests.

Tui is flying flights from the UK to mainland Spain

HANNOVER – The tour operator TUI is canceling its flights from Great Britain to mainland Spain from Monday due to the quarantine requirement. The Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands would continue to fly, said a Tui spokesman on Sunday of the dpa in Hanover. The UK to mainland Spain flights are expected to be canceled by August 9. There are seven to eight flights a week. “Flights from Spain to the UK are normal,” said the spokesman. There are no effects for German travelers.

ROUNDUP: Sharp rules for slaughterhouses – Heil wants to test other industries

BERLIN – Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil (SPD) wants to check other industries according to the now planned strict regulations against grievances in the meat industry. “We will look at industry by industry and then take appropriate measures for the respective industry if it is necessary,” said Heil of the German Press Agency in Berlin. Germany’s employers already warn against generally restricting work contracts.

ROUNDUP: Hurricane ‘Hanna’ hits land in Texas – warning of storm surges

WASHINGTON – The first hurricane of the season this year hit the Atlantic in the US state of Texas. Hurricane “Hanna” hit the island of Padre Island just offshore on Saturday evening (local time) with wind speeds of up to 150 kilometers per hour, as the National Hurricane Center told the US climate agency NOAA. The tropical storm had been upgraded to the lowest level one hurricane on Saturday morning. A storm surge warning has been issued for the coastal section from Port Mansfield to Sargent.

IPO: Corona vaccine developer Curevac sets the course for a US exchange

NEW YORK / WASHINGTON – The German biotech company Curevac, which is researching a corona vaccine, is pushing ahead with its plans for an exchange in the United States. The Tingen-based company submitted a corresponding application to the US exchange regulator SEC on Friday. According to the provisional securities prospectus, the shares are to be listed under the ticker symbol “CVAC” on the New York technology exchange Nasdaq. There was no information on the concrete schedule and volume of the exchange. So far, only a wildcard amount of $ 100 million has been entered as issue proceeds.

Wirecard: 77 prospective customers for core business

MNCHEN – The provisional insolvency administrator of the Dax (DAX 30) corporation, which is involved in a billion-dollar fraud scandal, reports progress in the search for investors: 77 prospective customers would have signed confidentiality agreements for the core business, lawyer Michael Jaff said on Friday. “We are confident that we will find an investor for the core business that offers significant entrepreneurial opportunities in an enormously growing market for an investor.” Business operations are to continue.

ROUNDUP / Webasto boss on Corona outbreak: were a kind of test case

STOCKDORF – Half a year ago all of Germany looked at Stockdorf near Munich: There, in the company headquarters of the automotive supplier Webasto, there were the first known corona cases in Germany. A Chinese employee had brought the virus on a business trip. Company manager Holger Engelmann received the news of her positive test at home on Monday morning, as he tells the German Press Agency.

Funding for wind and solar systems ends: industry demands help

BERLIN – For thousands of wind turbines and solar systems, the subsidy under the Renewable Energy Sources Act ends after 20 years – the industry demands political support to keep systems on the grid. “The vast majority of the -20 operators will only be enthusiastic about continuing to operate the solar power systems if this is at least largely cost-effective,” said Carsten Krnig, managing director of the German Solar Industry Association, the German Press Agency. “A follow-up promotion is not necessary for this, but a removal of market barriers.”

ROUNDUP: Kerosene replacement fre a lot of electricity – Left: Energy policy nightmare

BERLIN – In order to power planes in Germany with climate-friendly synthetic fuels instead of kerosene, more electricity would currently be required than German kostrom systems produce. This emerges from the answer of the Federal Environment Ministry to questions from left-wing traffic politician Jrg Cezanne. Accordingly, “at least around 270 terawatt hours of electricity” were needed today to replace around 10.2 million tons of fossil aviation turbine fuel. The ministry assumes efficiencies of around 45 percent for the production of electricity-based fuels.


Additional Reports

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-Heil wants to check other industries after the meat industry

-Webasto boss on Corona: ‘We did a lot of things right’

Kerosene replacement fre a lot of electricity – Left: Energy nightmare

-Heil wants to protect people in home offices from continuous use

-ROUNDUP: New version of the Corona warning app fixes problems with the iPhone

-Tui boss: Remove travel warning for Turkish vacation areas

-First big cruise ship dropped off for short trip

-Bahn is making progress with new hires

Study: Corona threatens 158,000 jobs in Europe’s textile industry

-Ex-DFB President Grindel: Discuss the abolition of the 50 + 1 rule

– Poll: More than half of citizens for speed limit

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