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Empty spaces: After bankruptcy: This is what Amazon is planning with the stores of the bankrupt US companies Sears and JCPenney | message


Settlement of Amazons in close proximity to consumers
More than 70 stores affected by the closure
Amazon itself is silent on the subject

Simon Property Group Inc., the largest shopping mall operator in the USA, is currently in talks with Amazon about the vacated retail space of the now insolvent US retailers Sears and JCPenney. That comes from a report in the Wall Street Journal.

These are Amazon’s plans

Amazon is planning to convert the empty sales areas into department stores and logistics centers. A deal would make sense for both parties, according to CNN Business. Because on the one hand there is Simon, who, according to the report, have to deal with the changed demand behavior of consumers together with their shops. Consumers are therefore turning more and more to online trading and home shopping, something that the shops in particular have to nibble on enormously. On the other hand, there is Amazon, which has to be located in close proximity to its customers in order to be able to guarantee the fastest possible delivery, ideally the next day. Shopping malls are usually closer to highways and housing developments than huge warehouses in industrial areas, according to CNN Business. Amazon could therefore take advantage of the geographic location of shopping malls. Many of Amazon’s logistics centers that exist today are already housed in former shopping malls.

Not only Amazon benefits

The Wall Street Journal report made no explicit mention of the cities in which Amazon would pursue these plans. According to CNN, the fact is that with the bankruptcy of JCPenney and Sears, the shopping centers operated by Simon will lose around 63 JCPenney and eleven Sears stores. Shopping center landlords are usually more willing to find tenants who attract new customers and more people to the shopping center. An Amazon warehouse would not contribute too much here, but it would at the latest when it comes to paying the bills.

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