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EU summit bert again in large round | message


BRSSEL (dpa-AFX) – After an eight-hour break, the EU countries are again giving a large round of advice at the special summit in Brussels. The dinner with the 27 heads of state and government had started, said the spokesman for EU Council leader Charles Michel on Saturday evening on Twitter. According to diplomats, Michel wanted to explain possible compromise lines when eating.

Previously, he had together with the German chancellor Angela Merkel spent hours trying to find a solution to the dispute over the multi-billion euro EU development plan. They advised in changing constellations with the other heads of state and government.

The EU countries have been negotiating a financial and crisis package of a good 1.8 trillion euros since Friday morning, with the aim of weakening the historic recession caused by the Corona crisis. On the one hand, there is a debt-financed economic and investment program against the Corona crisis in the amount of 750 billion euros and on the other hand, the new seven-year EU budget framework in the amount of more than 1000 billion euros./wim/DP/zb

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