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Explosion and fire in a petrochemical complex in Iran message


TEHERAN (dpa-AFX) – According to local authorities, an explosion has occurred in a petrochemical complex in southwestern Iran. According to the Isna news agency, there was also a major fire in Mahschahr on Sunday afternoon (local time). The exact cause is still unclear, authorities assumed an oil leak in the “Tondgujan” plant. In the evening there was no information about victims and the extent of the damage.

There have been several explosions and major fires in Iran in recent weeks. Affected included the Parchin military camp in eastern Tehran, a clinic in the north of the capital, a workshop in the Natans nuclear facility in central Iran, and most recently a factory in a Tehran suburb where two workers were killed. After the explosions in Parchin and Natans, speculation arose about foreign acts of sabotage, which, however, could not be proven./str/fmb/DP/he

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