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France’s Ex-Minister of Health Defends Corona Response | message


PARIS (dpa-AFX) – France’s former health minister Agns Buzyn has defended her handling of the corona crisis. “I never underestimated the risk in my office,” Buzyn told the National Assembly investigation committee on Tuesday evening. France was ahead of other European countries. When she left the Ministry in February to run for mayor in Paris, she had the impression that the health system was ready.

With a good 13 percent in Paris, Buzyn did poorly in the local elections on Sunday. She was the candidate for President Emmanuel Macron’s party. Already after the first round of elections in March, Buzyn was criticized in an interview. At the time, she explained that the election campaign had been a masquerade and she had assumed all along that the election would not take place because of the Covid 19 pandemic. She later regretted this statement.

Buzyn said he first learned of a mysterious lung disease in China during the Christmas vacation. After the first death in China, she informed the president and the prime minister. According to her own statements, the doctor became particularly aware of the danger when it became clear that the virus is transmitted from person to person.

Buzyn also had to justify the lack of masks. The state mask supply had shrunk more and more in the years before the crisis. Buzyn said that he had requested an inventory of the inventory in good time. The 57-year-old chose several times in the notes during the committee and seemed particularly tense at the beginning. France has been hit hard by the Covid 19 pandemic and has nearly 30,000 fatalities./nau/DP/fba

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