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Freemail comparison: Alternatives to Google Mail: Here you get a free email address message


Professional mail providers are chargeable, but often offer advantages such as the free choice of name for the email address, freedom from advertising and spam or increased data and virus protection. However, very few private individuals make use of all these options and prefer to switch to a freemail provider instead.

The US company Google offers Gmail, a popular free email option in Germany. But there are alternatives: The best free Gmail alternatives are compared here.


The freemail provider GMX offers you a free account with up to 1.5 gigabytes (GB) of storage space and the option of sending emails with a data size of up to 20 megabytes (MB) – including the attachment.

The program offers spam and virus protection, an Android and iOS-App and 10 free SMS per month. Gmail also offers such apps. GMX is also a co-founder of “E-Mail made in Germany” – which means that all e-mails sent via GMX are SSL / TLS encrypted and all data is stored exclusively in Germany.


The provider WEB.DE provides you with a free account one gigabyte of storage space and two more gigabytes of storage space in the cloud. You get a free “Online Office” function to manage and edit your documents and the maximum data size of the emails is 20 MB.

You can access your e-mails from WEB.DE via the browser, a mail program such as Outlook and an iOS / Android app, whereby WEB.DE is also a member of “E-Mail made in Germany” and therefore has the same security standards apply as with GMX.


Outlook has so far won over several hundred million customers. The Microsoft service offers numerous options for integrating Microsoft applications, such as Office, into the freemail program.

Like Gmail, Outlook also gives you the option of free storage space of 15 GB, and emails up to 25 MB in size can be sent.


T-Online gives you a gigabyte of storage space and emails with a data size of up to 32 MB free of charge. You can send a maximum of 100 emails per day.

The provider also offers you spam and virus protection and is also a member of “E-Mail made in Germany”, access is possible via the browser and the two e-mail protocols IMAP and POP 3.

Contrary to what might be expected, you do not have to have an Internet or telephone contract with Deutsche Telekom to receive a freemail account with T-Online. offers a gigabyte of storage space, spam and virus protection and the security of “E-Mail made in Germany” in the free offer. You can send emails with a maximum size of 20 MB, but you can receive emails with a size of up to 100 GB.

There are mail apps from for Android and the iOS operating system from Apple – however, as with most providers, advertising freedom must be purchased.

The provider advertises with awards from, network winners and an environmental ranking. Two gigabytes of storage space, spam and virus protection for all received and sent e-mails, SSL / TLS encryption and other security with an authenticator are available free of charge. In addition there is the sending of SMS for 10 cents and the possibility to access your messages in the browser or via IMAP / POP3 and the availability of 10 alias mail addresses. stands out with the feature of sending emails with a size of up to 60 MB (including attachment).

Yahoo mail

Yahoo comes from the USA, which is why providers such as Gmail and Outlook have to be evaluated from two sides: The freemail offer includes a terabyte of storage space, integrated virus protection, SSL encryption, mobile apps for Android and iOS and the option of e- Send mails up to 25 MB in size.

The problematic aspect of the provider Yahoo Mail is the data protection that corresponds to the American standard.

In order to be able to choose a provider, you should be aware of the purpose of the new email address. It can also be worthwhile to choose several providers for different addresses: a provider that meets the requirements of a mailbox for orders and e-mail newsletters, a provider with possibly higher data protection standards for private correspondence and possibly even other providers for other addresses and requirements.

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