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Lucrative part-time jobs

Many people are not satisfied with their basic income, or the monthly salary is simply not enough to cover all costs. The right part-time job can remedy this problem; here, relatively lucrative hourly rates can often be generated, with which your own monthly budget can be increased significantly.

Nowadays there are many options for an additional income, but here it is important to separate the wheat from the chaff and to filter out the best earning potential accordingly.

Those who show stamina and strong nerves and are not afraid of a certain amount of exertion could do the following part-time jobs for good money in the household budget.

Bicycle Messenger

Earning money playing sports is actually only reserved for professional footballers and a few other athletes in Germany. But if you meander through the cities as a bicycle courier and deliver food, gifts or even medicines and blood samples to their destination in a hurry, you can generate lucrative additional income through physical activity.

Bicycle couriers earn an average of around 13 euros per hour and also one or two tips can be on top, especially experienced couriers also earn 20 euros per hour. Because the wages vary and often depend on how many orders can be accepted, the weather also plays a significant role here. Nevertheless, a bicycle courier can earn between 60 and 150 euros a day.


Strong nerves and very good knowledge in certain fields are the prerequisites for a tutor. If this is the case, the hourly wage can be determined relatively freely, depending on the level of the matter, between eight and 18 euros can be earned per hour.

However, if you are already a trained or prospective teacher, the hourly wages will shoot up to 20 to 50 euros. In order to build up a good reputation, however, a lot of patience and mediation skills are required as tutors.


Babysitter, a true classic for part-time jobs. Here too, strong nerves and pedagogical skills are required. Trustworthy babysitters are still very much in demand today.

Here you can earn 10 to 15 euros per hour, whereby the wage varies from family to family and is often based on negotiation. Since babysitters are usually needed on weekends or in the evenings, this part-time job can be perfectly combined with the main job.


Another classic: Many people worked as waiters during school or university. Whether café or restaurant, restaurants are always looking for good staff.

Here, the fixed hourly rate depends on the company in which you work, but in this side job you mainly benefit from the tip. So one evening in the restaurant can earn an additional income of up to 70 euros.

call center agent

The secondary job as a call center agent is often labeled as a dubious profession, but this does not always have to be the case. For example, working in a customer center can earn an hourly wage of 13 euros on average.

Although this does not require physical exertion, it is all the more necessary to be sensitive and calm. Those who are not afraid of phone calls and discussions in customer service can generate lucrative additional income from home.

Drug tester

A part-time job with risks and side effects: drug testers are hired by pharmaceutical companies and other medical institutes for research purposes.

Participation in a test day is rewarded with a commission of 100 to 250 euros due to the dangers and adverse health effects. With larger projects that take days or weeks, even 2,000 to 3,000 euros can be earned on the side.

A sideline job that is lucrative but involves certain dangers.


Knowledge of people, openness and sales skills are the most important things as promoters, you visit trade fairs, operate a stand in pedestrian zones or present products at other events.

If you can openly approach strangers, you can expect up to 15 euros per hour for this sideline.

Newspaper deliverers

Punctuality, discipline, perseverance and reliability are some of the characteristics of a good newspaper deliverer. Many regional and national magazines and newspapers are always looking for new deliverers.

Every newspaper delivery person receives a specific route or residential area from the employer and distributes the magazines here. This job is often paid for as a mini-job and accordingly rinses 450 euros a month into one’s own cash register. The faster and more efficiently you distribute the product, the higher the hourly wage.

Santa Claus or Santa Claus

Last but not least, a more seasonal part-time job: appearances as Nicholas and Santa Claus can still turn out to be extremely lucrative. Anyone who is good with children and exudes a natural calm can be paid for as Santa Claus with up to 80 euros per hour.

However, the costume usually has to be provided by yourself.

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