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Hot competition: With these new features – Telegram makes WhatsApp steam | message


That’s what makes Telegram so special

Telegram, like WhatsApp or Viber, is an instant messenger that users can use to chat, make phone calls and send media files to one another. The difference to the services just mentioned is that, according to the manufacturer, all messages and media transmissions within the private chats are completely encrypted and are therefore not stored on the Telegram servers. With the so-called “Self Destruct” feature, the user can also cause a message to be deleted by itself after a certain time.

Telegram introduces these features

In a blog entry published on July 26th, Telegram describes the new features that the app is now introducing with the latest version 6.3. This includes, among other things, a function with which the users of Android or iOS-Good to be able to use a video as a so-called “profile video” instead of a conventional profile picture. This then takes the place of the profile picture. An image section can be selected for the display of the static profile picture in private chats. In addition, the “people nearby” function has been expanded. From now on, the person contacted can see how far away the other person is.

But even in the event that this becomes too much at some point and you receive too many messages from people who are not your own contacts, the app has a built-in feature. Chats from people who are not saved in your own contact list can be automatically hidden via the Privacy & Security area. These end up in the archive and can be moved back to the chat list manually. In addition, files with a size of up to two gigabytes can be sent with the latest version. So far it was “only” 1.5 gigabytes. Even a ZIP file can easily be sent via Telegram. Any functions or features, such as a video instead of a profile picture or such a high number of files sent, are nil in Telegram’s largest competitor WhatsApp.

With these functions, Telegram already puts WhatsApp in the shade

With WhatsApp, files of up to 100 megabytes can be sent. The “old” 1.5 gigabyte telegrams were already 15 times higher than the maximum capacity of WhatsApp, now the files can be 20 times larger. In addition, when sending images via WhatsApp, these are often compressed in order to make possible savings in file size. This is not the case with Telegram, where the images are sent in their original quality. Another feature that Telegram can boast in contrast to WhatsApp is the storage of the media in a cloud. This not only gives users more storage space on their devices, but also means that unlimited storage is available, with which an almost unlimited number of photos and videos can be sent. editors

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