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Investlite, a young broker who is attracting the attention of operators: Here is why


Investlite is a trading platform, which is beginning to stand out among traders, thanks to the benefits achieved on the platform, such as the fact that it allows us to trade more than 350 assets using contracts for difference.


These contracts, called CFDs for short, are concluded between two parties and are based on the forecast of the evolution of an asset’s price. If our forecast turns out to be correct at the end of the contract, the other party compensates us and we earn money. But if not, we are the ones who lose it.

That is, this platform will provide us with the necessary tools to open and close positions, where the initial and final value is compared. For example, if we believe that gold is going to rise, we can enter with an investment, wait a while, and exit the position when the value is higher than the initial one. If so, we make money. If not, we lose it.

This entire process is fully automated. All we have to do is load the management software (Webtrader or mobile application) and perform the operations we deem convenient.

Investlite offers us these software tools, the Metatrader platform, in addition to training resources and adequate support that will guide us when investing.


A legal company

Investlite is a trademark of Bayline Trading Ltd. We made the appropriate checks, and it turned out that it is indeed a totally legal company, duly registered in the commercial register of Belize City. Its registered office is in the same city, at 5 Cork Street, and the registration number is 136374.

This means that the platform is under the regulation of the IFSC, that is, the International Financial Services Commission of Belize, which protects the consumer of these products through various mechanisms and legal obligations.

In this case, Investlite has the necessary authorization, being its license number 188/91.

In addition, we found another partner company, Bayline Global World Ltd. This company is registered in the United Kingdom under number SC517838 and has its registered office at 69 Brunswick Street (Edinburgh).

After checking these tax data, everything is correct at the time of writing.

Safety and care

As stated on its website, Investlite implements the usual protections in the industry, such as data encryption, SSL protocol, firewalls, servers in SAS 70 data centers, etc.

The broker offers first class support to his clients, through live chat, email and telephone.


This broker basically offers us a very specific service: investment in a portfolio of assets of our choice, through a software tool corresponding to the Meta Trader platform. This means that, using contracts for difference, we can speculate in a multitude of international markets.

In this review of Investlite we do not want to go into the details inherent in this type of operation, nor to assess its possibilities or risks. But we do want to detail the service so that you are the one who values it.

As we can see on the main page of the website, we have many assets grouped into six commercial markets:


Cryptomontages are an invention that was made a little more than a decade ago. A certain Satoshi Nakamoto (fictitious name, we don’t know who he really was) conceived the Bitcoin in 2008, and from there, the cryptomoney revolution took place.

This is a very volatile market, with constant swings in its exchange rate against traditional currencies such as the dollar or the euro. It is logical due to its nature and youth. However, it is a market that is slowly taking hold and is no longer a chimera, but a very tangible fact.

If you want to invest in crypts, you won’t need an electronic wallet or an exchange house. Simply trade CFDs and make money without complicating your life, or so some experts advise. It must be said that this is a very volatile market, so watch out, you can make a lot of money, and also lose it. Investlite offers us the most known pairs, so we will be able to choose the ones that interest us the most.


The foreign exchange market is the preferred market for many investors. There are many analysis tools, bibliography, studies, etc. Making money on Forex is possible, but as always, it requires training, discipline and experience. Through CFD’s you will have access to the most popular currency pairs, and even to others that are not so popular.


Indices are numerical values that reflect a set of shares of specific companies, usually grouped by sector or region. For example, we have indices linked to technology companies, such as the NASDAQ 100, or to countries, such as the Nikkei 225 (the 225 most liquid stocks on the Tokyo Stock Exchange).


Investlite allows speculation through CFDs on the evolution of the shares of the most important companies in the world. You can diversify your portfolio with technology companies such as Apple, Microsoft or Google, or with industrial companies such as 3M, as well as catering giants such as McDonald’s.


Raw materials

Raw materials are one of the oldest traditional investments. The evolution of prices is well studied and there is a huge amount of literature, statistical data and candlestick charts that can help us make an accurate speculation on the evolution of these assets.

The selection offered includes the most important in the world: corn, coffee, oil, etc.

Precious Metals

Finally, if we want to provide a certain stability to the portfolio, we can invest in safe-harbour securities such as gold or platinum.


To be able to operate efficiently, accurately and safely, we need a good platform and working software. In this case, we will use Meta Trader 4, which can be accessed through a browser or a mobile application. There is also a desktop application for PC and Mac (although it doesn’t appear in the menu, if you enter the Webtrader option and scroll down a bit you’ll see that it’s available too).

MetaTrader 4 for PC or Mac

This is one of the most used suites in the world in this type of trading. It is a very old, safe and more than proven platform, whose software is ideal for working. It is very complete, offering all the functionality you need for your day to day. As a disadvantage, it is necessary to download and install it in order to access and work.


Another option to access the Metatrader platform is to use any modern browser. We have the same functionality as the desktop version without the need to install anything and on any device that has a browser. We only have to enter our credentials, wait for it to synchronize for a few seconds, and we can start working.

Mobile application

The mobile app is ideal to be aware of the evolution of our investments at all times and take quick action no matter where we are. It has all the necessary functionalities, adapted to a small touch screen, and most operations only require a couple of touches.


Training resources

Learning is a key activity to succeed as a trader and not end up losing money. In this case, Investlite offers its clients and the general public a series of training resources that are completely in Spanish. These resources include courses, e-books, videos, tutorials, news, etc.

Although it is not a very extensive library, it is true that it is of more than sufficient quality. However, we must have more sources of information, and learn as much as we can to continue developing the knowledge that will allow us to increase the probabilities of success.


The registration process is quite simple. We only have to fill out a form with our data and include the documents that are relevant to operate. They take care of everything else.

In principle, the most likely is that if we are starting our account is silver level, although we will increase the benefits as we gain experience and trading volume, can reach a gold account, and finally access the platinum account.

With the silver account we have what we need to start working without problems. The features summarized are:

– Silver bead

For beginners and casual traders.

Minimum spread of 0.07 (oil).

Coverage. o Fifth decimal place.

Leverage of 1:200 in Forex, 1:50 in commodities, indices, gold and silver, 1:20 in stocks (professional traders only).

Customer support.

– Gold Account

For traders with a little more experience.

Minimum spread of 0.05 (oil) and lower values in the rest.

25% discount on the swap.


Fifth decimal place.

Leverage of 1:400 in Forex, 1:100 in commodities, indices, gold and silver, 1:40 in stocks (professional traders only).

Dedicated agent.

– Platinum account

For veteran traders.

Minimum spread of 0.03 (oil) and lower values in the rest.

50% discount on swap. or Hedge.

Fifth decimal place.

Leverage of 1:500 in Forex, 1:125 in commodities, indices, gold and silver, 1:10 in stocks (professional traders only).

Free dedicated agent. or VPS (virtual private server).

News alert.

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