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Iran: Trump’s UN sanctions plan endangers world order | message


TEHERAN (dpa-AFX) – Iran has given the US President Donald Trump accused of endangering the current world order with the planned sabotage of the Vienna nuclear agreement with the help of the “snapback” mechanism. Trump’s strategic goal is not only to torpedo the 2015 nuclear agreement, but he wants to enforce unilateralism and thus change the world order. “All countries should show solidarity in order to defend the reputation of the UN,” tweeted Diako Hosseini, political advisor in the Tehran Presidential Office, on Sunday.

The nuclear agreement is intended to prevent Iran from being armed with nuclear weapons, but grants the Islamic Republic an internationally monitored civil nuclear program. The dismantling of sanctions against Iran was also regulated in the course of the agreement adopted by the United Nations. An arms embargo will expire next October. The US wants an extension of the embargo, but came in UN Security Council not through.

Now US President Donald Trump wants to force the reinstatement of all international sanctions against the will of the other members of the UN Security Council via a mechanism known as “snapback”. This right was granted to the participants in the nuclear agreement in the event of Iranian violations of the agreement. However, under Trump in 2018, the US withdrew from the agreement.

Iran takes the view that the US has no right to trigger the snapback mechanism because it no longer belongs to the agreement. Therefore this plan of the US President will also fail. In Tehran, it is suspected that Trump is trying to cover up his domestic political problems with a new foreign policy crisis and thus increase his chances of being re-elected in November./str/fmb/DP/men

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