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KakaoTalk: Messenger service offers its users the possibility to send cryptocurrencies message


• Integration of a wallet in a messenger
• Sending digital assets via smartphone
• Focus on in-house tokens

Cocoa is in Germany and Europe
Talk hardly known due to the dominance of WhatsApp. The field of application of the alternative messenger is mainly limited to South Korea. There, around 90 percent of the population should already use the app. However, the functions of KakaoTalk and WhatsApp are very similar. Both offer the possibility to send direct messages, make voice and video calls and send emojis in chat rooms. By embedding KakaoTalk in the IT company Kakao, the messenger is part of a large system that, according to the Chingufreunde website, determines everyday life in South Korea. This networking of the messenger service now also led to the integration of a crypto wallet.

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The crypto wallet Klip

In a blog entry on the Medium page, the operators of the blockchain “Klaytn” announced the introduction of the crypto wallet “Klip”. The development of Klaytn and Klip is based on Ground X, a subsidiary of the cocoa group. By integrating into KakaoTalk, Klip is intended to enable messenger users to store cryptocurrencies and digital assets and to exchange them with one another. To publish the new function, eleven different cryptocurrencies can be managed via Klip. In addition to the in-house Token Klay, this also includes the Tokens Box, BlockPet Token, Pibble, Hint, Antube Token, Temco, Bitbns, Pixel, Insureum and Cosm. In addition, a large number of non-fungible tokens, so-called NTFs, are also to be supported. The developers of the wallet are also working to further increase compatibility over time.

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Ease of use is paramount

Klit pays particular attention to the user-friendliness and security of your application. The crypto wallet is said to be intended for everyone and should also appeal to people who have never come into contact with blockchain applications and cryptocurrencies before: “We have focused on developing a digital wallet that is simple and convenient enough to be used by people who are new to blockchain technology, “said Jason Han, CEO of Ground X, in the blog release. For example, the transfer of digital assets takes place simply via the account information of the KakaoTalk user and not via a complex wallet address of the blockchain. In addition, the exchange should run quickly and without additional fees. To increase security, the private keys of Klip users are saved in encrypted formats as part of a key management service. This eliminates the need for users to manage their keys themselves and worry about possible loss due to an accident or data leak.

Ground X has already announced that it will launch new features later this year and combine Klip with Klaytn-based applications. The goal of the operators is to provide a simple and mobile crypto wallet to the whole world. It is questionable whether the cryptocurrencies that have so far been less prominent have supported the extent to which the global application of the South Korean messenger service including wallet can be achieved.

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