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Old concept of midi jobs

Mini jobs are known to everyone and are particularly popular with schoolchildren and students. They are divided into the categories 450 euro mini job and short term mini jobs. Where 450-euro mini jobs are set to that earnings limit and short-term mini jobs refer to a certain time limit. Who wants to earn more works as a midi jobber, that means for a monthly fee of 450.01 to 850 euros so far, you earn in the so-called sliding zone.

In contrast to mini-jobbers, those who previously had a midi job had to pay reduced social security contributions, whereby the portion to be paid increased with the salary. Levies in the form of pension contributions were optional. However, mini-jobbers were entitled to minimum wages and vacation.

New concept of midi jobs

Reforms have increased the maximum possible wage for midi jobbers to 1,300 euros since July 1, 2019 and the sliding zone is now called the transition area. Despite higher earnings opportunities than midi jobbers, employee contributions continue to be determined using reduced contribution assessment methods, which means that employees who earn between EUR 850 and EUR 1,300 now also have to pay lower taxes. By reducing the social security contribution from 20 percent to approx. 17 percent of the salary, the employee at the bottom of the transition area saves approx. EUR 23 a month. The amount of the relief decreases with increasing wages within the transition area.


Employees with a salary between EUR 850.01 and EUR 1,300 benefit in particular.
Because midi jobbers still do not differ from full-time employees in terms of employment law, there are entitlements to vacation days, minimum wages and continued wages in the event of illness.
So far it can only be assumed whether this development leads to midi jobs being preferred to mini jobs. In theory, with the change in the law, the net income of midi jobbers increases, which should increase the attractiveness on the labor market. More working hours compared to mini-jobs are now profitable.

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