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New from August: Innovations and laws: This will change from August | message


Higher grades at the Ascent BAfG
Apprenticeships are given new names and content
AIDA Cruises starts the summer season

The Ascent BAfG is increased

From August 1, 2020, vocational training will be promoted more, for this purpose the Ascent BAfG will be increased. BAfG may be more familiar to some people in connection with a course of study, but there are also further vocational training courses: the promotion BAfG is the counterpart to the student BAfG and is used in vocational training. This promotion of advancement training law is now being changed in favor of the participants of further training courses, i.e. participation in courses is now subsidized with 50 percent instead of 40 percent previously. In addition, candidates pass 50 percent of their loan if they pass the exam on August 1, instead of the previous 40 percent. This new law will apply immediately from the beginning of August. Even if training started before August and does not end until September, August and September are already calculated according to the new 50 percent rule, while the previous months are still reimbursed using the 40 percent rule. Furthermore, there are now higher childcare allowances and a full allowance for maintenance.

Reorganization of training occupations in 2020

The IT training, training of bank clerks, merchants in floodplain and wholesale management, media designers and laboratory training will be renewed on August 1, 2020. The background for the innovations is the increasing digitalization the world of work, accordingly, more up-to-date content should also be introduced in the training courses. The aim is to prepare the trainees more appropriately for everyday digital work. Another novelty is the introduction of stretched tests, i.e. intermediate tests are omitted. In addition, some of the training occupations have new names; anyone who was registered for training before August 1 will be rewritten.

Corona Working Hours Act expires on August 1st

The COVID-19 Working Hours Act expires on August 1st, 2020, it originally came into force at the beginning of April. The law stipulated that employers were allowed to order longer working hours for employees due to Corona, provided that this additional work could not be prevented by other measures. Up to 12 hours of work were allowed per day and a total of 60 hours per week. In addition, Sundays and public holidays were allowed.

New Corona measures are not initially planned for August. In Hessen, however, normal operations of team sports, for example, can be resumed. The applicable travel warnings for non-EU countries and countries in the Schengen Agreement will continue until 31.08.2020 with a few exceptions.

AIDA Cruises starts the summer season

In August, three AIDA cruise ships set sail for the first time since the corona lockdown. On August 5th AIDAperla will leave Hamburg and officially open the summer season of AIDA Cruises. On August 12, 2020, the AIDAmar will follow from Rostock-Warnemnde. On August 16, it was time for the AIDablu in Kiel to “get rid of the lines”. However, the ships will not leave at full passenger capacity to ensure compliance with hygiene standards. In addition, no other ports are used.

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