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New iPhone update: Apple’s operating system update: New functions of iOS 14 leaked | message


So far, there is no official information from Apple about the innovations that iOS 14 brings along. But some leaks provide clues as to what iPhone owners can look forward to.

These innovations are planned

According to information from 9to5Mac, one of the biggest innovations will be a revised homescreen, through which users should get a better overview of all apps. As reported by the online magazine, the homescreen should be expanded to include a page in which all installed apps are displayed in the form of a list. In addition, new filter functions are to be implemented, such as a list of all apps with unread messages.

Apple is also working on a new fitness app that will appear with the new operating system. It should be possible to download a wide variety of fitness videos and monitor your training in conjunction with an AppleWatch.

As 9to5Mac further reports, the Safari browser should also be equipped with an automatic translation function.

The slightest surprise in connection with iOS14 is the introduction of 5G technology. However, this will only be usable on the latest models, since other iPhones lack the necessary hardware.

These models go empty-handed

Compared to Android smartphones from Google, iPhones have been equipped with the latest updates for a relatively long time, as a graphic by Statista shows. Android owners can expect to receive no new features after two to three years, while iPhone users can expect support for around five years.

On average, all iPhones receive five major updates. That would mean that support for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus would end with the new update in autumn 2020. However, as the Israeli website “TheVerifier” reports, iOS14 is said to support the two devices. If this is the case, the end of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will probably not be final until autumn 2021.

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