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New real owner passes digital business on to Schwarz Group | message


Dsseldorf (Reuters) – The new real owner SCP Group sells the online business of the supermarket chain to the Schwarz group, which also wants to take over numerous real branches through its subsidiary Marktkauf.

The investor had concluded a contract with the Schwarz Group for the sale of Real’s digital business, including the online marketplace, SCP announced on Monday. Both parties would have agreed not to disclose the business details. The antitrust authorities still have to approve the transaction. SCP plans to complete the takeover of the Metro subsidiary by June 25, 2020.

Prospectively, the continuation of the online marketplace under the name Kaufland is planned as part of the digital business of the Schwarz Group, said Kaufland. “The combination of stationary business and online trading will open up additional opportunities for us,” said Rolf Schumann, director of digitization at the Schwarz Group.

Metro announced the sale of the Real chain to SCP in mid-February. This involves around 270 of the company’s markets with around 34,000 employees. SCP wants to pass on numerous real markets. The investor has already concluded contracts with the retail companies Kaufland and Edeka to take over a total of 141 real locations. Kaufland wants to take over 88 and Edeka 53 real markets. In the case of Kaufland, however, there could be even more markets: Kaufland announced in mid-June that it would take over up to 101 Real locations for review.

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