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This is what parental leave means

So-called parental leave is a temporary time off for the employee that can be taken immediately after the birth of a child up to the age of three. Since there is no remuneration from the respective employer during this period, the state supports the employee by paying out a compensation benefit – the so-called parental allowance – in order to secure his livelihood. If the employee is employed during parental leave, according to the Federal Ministry for the Family, Seniors, Women and Youth, the specific months of the child’s life are used as a guide for determining additional earnings. For example, if a child was born on January 15th, the period between that and February 14th is decisive. The next investigation period then starts on February 15th and ends on March 14th, etc.

These general conditions must be observed

Parental leave does not mean the termination of the existing employment contract. This usually runs also during the time off, so that, according to the mini-job center, the employer should definitely be asked for permission if the employee wants to take up employment in another company or private household. The request for permission should be made in writing and include the number of weekly hours to be performed in the future. In addition to the employer, the responsible parental allowance office must also be informed about additional earnings during parental leave, as any income is offset against the parental allowance.

This is the number of hours that can be worked despite parental leave

Since the care of the child has priority during parental leave, compliance with the legally prescribed 30-hour limit must be observed. If this is exceeded, the employee loses his entitlement to parental allowance for the month of the child’s life, according to If the parental allowance has been applied for for the minimum period of two months, this will also be canceled for the second month if it is exceeded. The following applies to self-employment: The profit that is made within the parental allowance reference period is divided by the number of reference months. The amount of income generated is then credited proportionally to each reference month.

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