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POLITICS / ROUNDUP: 68,000 women and girls affected by genital mutilation message


BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – According to federal family minister Franziska Giffey, there are currently almost 68,000 women and girls living in Germany who are affected by female genital mutilation. The number has increased significantly in recent years, said the SPD politician on Thursday in Berlin. Compared to data provided by the ministry three years ago in February, this is an increase of 44 percent.

Most of the women affected came from Eritrea, Somalia, Indonesia, Egypt and Nigeria. The reason for the increase is due to higher immigration from these countries, said Giffey. The numbers are also alarmingly high among minors: up to 14,880 girls in Germany are at risk of female genital mutilation.

Giffey also said that it was not easy to collect such data. “It is a criminal offense, so we are doing darkfield research here.” According to the information provided, the survey was commissioned by the ministry using a methodology developed by the European Institute for Gender Equality.

“Female genital mutilation is a serious human rights violation and an archaic offense that violates girls and women in their right to physical integrity and sexual self-determination,” said the SPD politician. The aim is to protect girls and young women from this and to offer help.

Support for those affected could provide midwives. In addition, Giffey referred to the nationwide help line “Violence against women” that can be reached around the clock with multilingual contacts./jr/DP/zb

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