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Presidential election in Poland: Duda ahead of Trzaskowski according to forecasts | message


WARSAW (dpa-AFX) – In the second round of the Polish presidential election, incumbent Andrzej Duda is ahead of his rival Rafal Trzaskowski, Monday morning’s forecasts. Accordingly, Duda received 51 percent, Trzaskowski accounted for 49 percent. However, a winner was not yet decided. The forecasts are based on post-election surveys in 500 election offices and partial payments in 450 of these election offices. According to the opinion research institute Ipsos, these detailed forecasts have an error tolerance of one percentage point. There are no projections like in Germany in Poland. According to the election commission, the official end result will be available on Monday evening at the earliest.

On the evening of the election, there had initially been no clear result for several hours. In the first forecasts, only a slight difference of less than one percentage point separated Duda from Trzaskowski. Nevertheless, the president described himself as the winner in a first reaction. “Long live Poland! Winning the election with a 70 percent stake is extraordinary news. I’m touched. Thanks to my countrymen,” said the national conservative politician on election evening in Pultusk, about 60 kilometers north of Warsaw. Later he spoke of a “victory, currently according to forecasts”.

Voter turnout was high despite the corona pandemic. According to forecasts, it was 67.9 percent. As announced by the election commission in Warsaw, 52.1 percent of those entitled to vote had cast their votes by 5 p.m. on Sunday afternoon.

The President has been in office in Poland for five years. The head of state not only represents the country externally. The president also has an influence on foreign policy, he appoints the prime minister and the cabinet and is the commander in chief of the Polish armed forces in the event of war. He can also use his veto right to stop bills. A three-fifths majority is then required in parliament to overrule the President’s veto

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