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ROUNDUP: Corona emergency in Spain extended – Snchez urges caution | message


MADRID (dpa-AFX) – The head of government of Spain, which was particularly hard hit by the corona crisis, Pedro Snchez, has announced a “slow and gradual” easing of anti-corona measures from mid-May. The Spanish Parliament approved on Wednesday evening the plan submitted by Snchez to extend the third emergency to combat the Corona crisis up to and including May 9.

However, the right-wing populist Vox party and Catalan separatists voted against the bill. In the previous parliamentary debate, the social democrat had stressed on Wednesday that the country must be steered to a “new normal” from the perspective of the crisis, so to speak. Nobody should hope for “final decisions”, there will be “progress and setbacks”.

The regulations would be continuously updated in May to reflect the progress made in combating the pandemic. Depending on the development, Snchez warned that measures may have to be tightened again at any time. “Mistakes” should definitely be avoided.

Among other things, the new emergency plan provides that children may leave the house for the first time in more than six weeks from Sunday. Health Minister Salvador Illa also received extensive powers to respond more flexibly to the development of the pandemic in the different regions of the country. The Madrid and Catalonia region are particularly affected in Spain. The situation is different in rural and thinly populated areas such as Extremadura.

With more than 21 700 deaths and almost 210 000 infections, Spain is one of the countries most affected by the pandemic. A strict curfew has been in force since March 15 to curb the spread of the virus. For example, walks and rides as well as outdoor sports are strictly forbidden./ro/DP/he

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