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ROUNDUP: WHO: Corona must also be fought in schools | message


GENEVA (dpa-AFX) – With the start of the new school year, the coronavirus must be fought rigorously not only in schools themselves, but also in the environment of children and adolescents – the World Health Organization (WHO) points out. Otherwise it could quickly spread to schools. “It is really crucial that we bring outbreaks and transmissions in the vicinity of schools under control,” said Covid-19 commissioner Maria van Kerkhove in Geneva on Friday. The WHO will issue recommendations for wearing masks in schools in the next few days.

However, masks alone were not enough to stop the virus from spreading, warned WHO emergency aid coordinator Mike Ryan. At the same time, students also have to keep their distance, and depending on the space, it may also be necessary to form smaller classes. According to van Kerkhove, there are not enough studies on chains of infection with children. Most of the children who become infected will have very mild symptoms.

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus expressed the hope that the pandemic will last less than two years thanks to modern technology and international cooperation. “Hoping we can get additional tools like a vaccine, I think we can end them in less time than the 1918 flu.” The virus can spread faster nowadays because the world is much more closely connected than 100 years ago, but there are also modern means of combating it. / Oe / DP / he

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