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Scandal is made into a film: Wirecard stock once again deep in the red: Finance Committee organizes special meeting on the Wirecard scandal – Marsalek in Russia? | message


This was agreed on Monday by the leaders of the parliamentary groups in a conference call, as the Reuters news agency learned from participants. Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) is also expected to attend the meeting. SPD financial politician Cansel Kiziltepe demanded that Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) also comment on the Wirecard scandal in the special session.

“The parliamentary resolution of the Wirecard scandal cannot wait,” said Green Finance politician Lisa Paus. “That’s why the Greens pushed for another meeting of the Finance Committee during the summer break.”

Chancellery has campaigned for Wirecard

At the beginning of September 2019, the Chancellery campaigned for the now insolvent scandal group Wirecard and its planned market entry in China at the time. The Chancellor’s Office confirmed this when asked by Spiegel, the magazine reports. Accordingly, Chancellor said Angela Merkel On September 3, 2019, the former Minister of Economic Affairs and Defense Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg spoke about the plans Wirecards to gain a foothold on the Chinese market. Guttenberg advised Wirecard on the expansion to China with his company Spitzberg Partners as “Market Entry Advisor”.

On the same day Guttenberg personally advertised with the Chancellor for Wirecard, he also sent an email to Lars-Hendrik Rller, head of the Department for Economic, Financial and Energy Policy at the Chancellery and Merkel’s Personal Representative for G7 and G20 summits sent. In this, Guttenberg informed Merkel confidants of “Wirecard’s intended market entry in China with the inclusion of a short report”, as a government spokeswoman confirmed in the mirror.

Guttenberg therefore asked Rller for “flanking as part of the China trip” Merkel on September 6 and 7, 2019. After the return of the Chancellor and her delegation from China, Rller Guttenberg replied by email on September 8, “that the topic had been raised during the visit to China and that additional support was promised”.

Almost two months later, on November 5, 2019, the DAX group Wirecard announced that it would acquire shares in the Chinese company AllScore Payment Services.

The Beijing-based company is subject to scandal, and in 2020 alone it had to pay a record fine in China for interdependencies in the gaming industry, the magazine reports.

Government spokeswoman – Merkel made Wirecard the topic when traveling abroad

According to a government spokeswoman, German Chancellor Angela Merkel made the payment processor Wirecard the subject of a trip abroad to China.

“She raised it,” said the government spokeswoman in Berlin on Monday. At the time, Merkel was not aware of any inconsistencies at Wirecard. The Dax Group’s balance sheet lacks 1.9 billion euros, which is why the company has since had to file for bankruptcy.

The government spokeswoman did not give details of the content of the talks. In principle, the Chancellery always works for German companies when traveling abroad.

Fleeting Wirecard manager in Russia? Kremlin: ‘nothing known’

In the Wirecard fraud scandal, the former executive board member of the group who disappeared without a trace may have gone underground in Russia, according to a media report – but the Kremlin says it knows nothing. “No, nothing is known,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Monday in a report by the “Handelsblatt”, according to which the Austrian manager Jan Marsalek is said to have fled to Russia.

The Interfax news agency reported that Marsalek was not being persecuted by the Russian authorities. Accordingly, there is neither a criminal case against the manager in Russia nor an extradition request. Russia also has no information about its whereabouts.

Marsalek, born in 1980, is the key figure of the Affre. Until the manager was fired without notice in June, he was responsible for day-to-day business at Wirecard worldwide. He was originally suspected in the Philippines, and according to the Philippine government, he is married there – something the colleagues at the Aschheim headquarters were not aware of. The government in Manila later admitted that the data on entry and exit in the computer system of the national immigration authority had been falsified. According to various – possibly unconfirmed – media reports, Marsalek is said to be in contact with Russian secret services.

There was no official information about Marsalek’s whereabouts on Monday from the German or Austrian side. At the federal press conference, a spokesman for the Foreign Office merely said that the media reports had been noted and that they were not speculating or underway.

BaFin chief rejects allegations of errors in the Wirecard scandal

The BaFin financial supervision president, Felix Hufeld, rejects the accusation of serious omissions in the scandal surrounding the payment service provider Wirecard: “We are doing exactly the tasks that the legislature has given us – everything else is not permitted in a democracy,” said Hufeld to the world Sunday. “We cannot just do what we want. People who claim that such fraud would not have been possible with another supervisory authority put sand in the eyes of the citizens.”

Hufeld sees the legislator above all in the obligation to improve the regulation of tech companies. “It was in the spirit of European regulation, especially PSD II, to promote technology companies and innovation. There are currently too many gray areas,” says Hufeld. Only small parts of the Wirecard were supervised directly by BaFin. “The regulatory toolbox needs to be resharpened here,” said Hufeld.

Hufeld takes a critical view of some parliamentarians’ demands to reform BaFin along the lines of the US stock exchange regulator SEC: “Of course we can learn something from the SEC model. But there were also cases of fraud in the USA. The United States also has cases another legal system that is not easily transferable to Europe. “

Wirecard scandal is filmed

The bankruptcy of the DAX group Wirecard is to be made into a film. This was announced by producer Nico Hofmann in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. “The Wirecard case not only provides the template for a unique business thriller, it is also a drama among the kings; between clever crime and a lack of technology,” says Nico Hofmann, head of the film company Ufa. The drop height of the material is immense: “There is hardly any A facet of our economic coexistence that would not be affected: serious mistakes in supervision, political blue-nosedness to make Germany a technology location shine, cheated investors and power fantasies that see the international stock market as a civil war. ” That is exactly what the “90-minute documentary review” should be about, says Hofmann, who is currently also working on films about magicians Siegfried & Roy and the Porsche clan.

The Wirecard share fell on Monday in XETRA trading temporarily by 21.07 percent to EUR 1.56.

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