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Schnppchenjger: See through tricks when booking: This makes your vacation cheaper message


In order to plan the next vacation trip, most people today browse online providers such as booking portals, where you can get vacation packages, for example. It is often promised to have the best offer at the cheapest price in mind.

Only 1 hotel room left!

When looking for the right accommodation, a red lettering suddenly catches the eye: “Only 2 rooms available”, it is often said in this or similar way on the different pages of the providers. This creates pressure among vacationers – can you get a room at the hotel that you like so much if you don’t access it directly? “Don’t panic,” said travel professional Tobias Knaut, who works for the vacation pirate travel portal, in a video by the FUNKE MEDIA GROUP. He explains that this information is a trick of the booking portals to present the offer more concisely than it is in the end. From a legal point of view, however, the site operator must make it clear that it is about the room availability via the respective portal – and not about the basic availability. Because mostly, rooms are still available on other booking sites or in the accommodations, according to Knaut.

Enticing bargains tempt

When planning the next trip, there are often other temptations that advertise themselves on favorable terms. However, price competition among flight portals, for example, means that attempts are being made to obtain more money wherever possible. As the bargain traveler Knaut explains, the site operators often try to compensate for the price war with numerous popups that suggest great offers to potential customers. For example, customers are offered extra luggage insurance, even though the luggage is already covered by the airline with up to 1,400 euros, says Knaut.

Depending on the destination, it is possible to book activities in advance. But that is often not worthwhile. On the one hand, vacationers often lack sufficient flexibility to react to the local weather, for example, because the activities cannot be postponed. On the other hand, it is often not cheaper to buy cards or the like via online providers, Knaut says. It makes sense to book tourist attractions in advance only if the addresses are particularly busy and could be booked up quickly.


In summary, the motto for vacation planning is still: Compare. You shouldn’t allow yourself to be put under pressure, especially with accommodation. In terms of insurance technology, holidaymakers should probably simply find out which insurance policies make sense, compare them at this point and possibly choose them separately.

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