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Self-esteem ?: Elon Musk casually fuels feud with Warren Buffett | message


• Buffett is not the “friendly grandfather” he is thought to be
• Musk is probably not a fan of the oracle of Omaha

With his most recent statement, Tesla boss emphasizes Elon Musk his opinion about the Berkshire Hathaway boss. In May Musk said he was “not his biggest fan”. And the counterpart also handed out: Buffett had already said that he would not invest in the car company. Charlie Munger came to the aid of his longstanding business partner and went even further by claiming that Musk “overestimated himself”.

Musk casually shoots back

In an interview with the New York Times (NYT), Elon Musk further fueled the smoldering billionaire feud. This was actually just one point of the question-and-answer game “Confirm or Deny”. To the NYT statement “Warren Buffet is overrated”, the Tesla boss responded with a laugh and an indirect answer: “Um, I think he managed to create a great image as a friendly grandfather, which maybe is exaggerated. “

In the meantime, Elon Musk had even overtaken his billionaire colleague in Bloomberg’s ranking of the richest people. It remains to be seen whether the Oracle of Omaha can be carried away to a counterattack. Lately, both parties to the dispute have been repeatedly criticized. Anyway, Musk is considered polarizing, while Buffett’s rank as the value investor has been questioned.

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