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From VW Polo to Mercedes S-Class – that includes SIXT +

The Bavarian car rental company Sixt is launching SIXT +, a new rental model – customers can now take out an auto subscription. Sixt thus closes the gap between car sharing and long-term rental and offers customers the opportunity to drive new cars without paying for repairs or TÜV. With SIXT +, customers can choose any vehicle class as usual, but which model the customer ultimately receives, but he cannot determine.

The cheapest version of the subscription can be taken out for as little as € 349 a month, but a Mercedes-Benz S-Class costs € 1,349 a month as a subscription. In addition, there is a one-off entry fee of EUR 199 per subscription. The price includes TÜV, tire change, inspection, radio fee, taxes, liability insurance, fully comprehensive and theft protection as well as approval. With the subscription, the customer only has to pay the fixed monthly fee and nothing else. He only has to pay for the fuel costs himself. For frequent drivers, however, the costs can increase because the standard package can only drive a maximum of 500 kilometers. If that’s not enough for you, you can increase the kilometers allowed per month for an additional charge.

According to Sixt, termination is very flexible. While Sixt must adhere to a three-month notice period, the customer can cancel the car subscription on a monthly basis. For a lawful termination, the customer only has to return the car to one of the 30 Sixt branches in Germany. The month that has just begun is still billed. Konstantin Sixt compared SIXT + at the press conference to present the subscription service with music streaming – only for the street.

Here’s how it works

Sixt describes the completion of SIXT + in four steps. The customer can use the Sixt app to individually configure their subscription before entering into the contract, set the start date and pick-up location and then conclude the subscription directly in the app. The car can then be picked up and the customer can drive off straight away. At the end of each billing month, the subscription can be canceled or a new car model can be selected.

The advantages and disadvantages of the car subscription at a glance

The advantages of the subscription are the all-inclusive package as well as the monthly fixed price and the simple cancellation modalities. In addition, there is no minimum age, so in principle every 18-year-old can take out a subscription. Novice drivers can be happy, even if it may be that certain models require an older age. The subscription is particularly suitable for all those who do not have their own car but want to use one. Since this is an ever-increasing trend, the brothers Konstantin and Alexander Sixt hope that their new business idea can give the company a boost again, since Corona claims that it has withdrawn the business basis. Sixt is currently afloat with an aid package of 1.5 billion euros.

A disadvantage of SIXT + is that it is not so easy to switch between different cars, as the starting fee of 199 euros is incurred each time the model is changed. The liability insurance as part of the subscription also has a deductible of 2,000 euros, if that is too much, you have to configure a lower deductible for an extra charge when you take out the subscription. The customer also has to pay a surcharge for more inclusive kilometers and if you want to travel long distances by car, the maximum number of kilometers of 2,000 kilometers per month can put a spanner in the works. Furthermore, prices from 349 euros to 1,349 euros per month are quite expensive for many drivers, considering that the fuel costs are not yet included.

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