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Speed ​​limit on Google Maps: Activate speed limit and speedometer on Google Maps | news

Enable speed limit on Google Maps

Google Maps is considered a popular navigation program for smartphones, which is generally intended to always guide the user safely to their destination. In addition to precise addresses, points of interest such as restaurants, petrol stations and ATMs can also be displayed in Google Maps.

However, the application in Germany still lacks a certain feature – the speed display and the maximum permitted speed.

With a relatively simple trick, however, the functions for Android devices can be retrofitted, iOS-Users sometimes have to do without it.

The advantages of this function are obvious. It’s easy to overlook a speed limit or lose sight of your own speed while concentrating on the correct route. If this information is displayed via Google Maps, a glance at the smartphone is enough to be on the safe side again.

How to activate the feature

In order for you to be able to activate the desired function, Google Maps must of course be installed on your smartphone. In order to be able to use this feature later, the Velociraptor app, which is only available for Android, must also be downloaded.

1. Start Velociraptor

After you have started the app, the Display Overlay menu item will be displayed and you will be asked for permission. You must approve this.

2. Access to own location

Now you have to allow the app access to your current location as well. This is transmitted via GPS.

3. Activate accessibility

In a last step, the accessibility must also be activated within Velociraptor. Only then will the previously set display overlay work automatically.

If you follow these steps as described, Google Maps will now show the current speed limit in addition to your own speed. However, Velociraptor not only supports Google Maps, various other navigation apps can also be supplemented with it.

Important NOTE

The speedometer and the displayed speed limit do not always work correctly or react with a delay. That’s why it’s still important to keep an eye on the regular speedometer and the signs.

Henry Ely / Editor

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