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Statutory notice periods: terminate employment contract – how it works


Terminate an employment contract – that’s how it’s done on time!

For the calculation of the notice period, the date of receipt of the notice of termination also applies to your employment contract, not the date that is stated in the letter of termination.

Termination is particularly easy for employees and employers if the period is not determined by weeks but by months. Then the notice period ends exactly on the corresponding calendar day beforehand.

An example: You want to quit your job by August 15 and have one month’s notice. Your employer must then have your notice of termination no later than July 15th.

The notice period is calculated somewhat differently if this is determined by weeks. Then it is not the calendar day that is decisive for the timely termination letter, but the day of the week.

Another example: You want to cancel again on August 15th. This day is a Wednesday, so four weeks earlier would be another Wednesday – you must have given notice by this Wednesday. With a notice period of four weeks, in our example your notice should reach your employer no later than Wednesday, July 18.

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