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According to an analysis by Statista, Germany-wide sales in the video streaming segment will amount to around 990 million euros in 2020. The forecast predicts a further increase in the market volume to 1.102 billion euros by 2024. Even if the climax will soon be reached, Disney wants to continue to earn money as the trend continues with the launch of its own streaming service. For this, however, the newcomer has to assert itself against the established market sizes Netflix and Amazon. First of all, it is important to clarify the differences between the different providers.


Netflix says of itself that it offers its members “a diverse range of award-winning series, films, documentaries and more on thousands of devices connected to the Internet”. Users can view the selected titles unlimitedly and ad-free and new content is added every month. The company does not provide any information about the exact scope of the offer. Information about the film and series package is only available from unofficial sites such as “” (unofficial Netflix online Global Search). According to their database, German customers can currently access a total of 2,941 films and 1,532 series on Netflix.
The available subscription options are divided into three levels. The basic version costs 7.99 euros per month. This gives you access to all content, but it cannot be played in HD quality. In addition, simultaneous use of the app on two devices is not possible. A standard subscription is required to activate the two restrictions, which costs EUR 11.99 per month. The highest level, the premium version for EUR 15.99 per month, also provides playback in Ultra HD and parallel streaming on four devices.
As a Netflix user, you have exclusive access to their own productions. Series like “House of Money”, “Riverdale”, “Sex Education” and “The Witcher” can only be viewed here. There are also other films and documentaries

Amazon Prime Video

An Amazon Prime membership offers customers several advantages in terms of exclusive services. On the one hand, Amazon guarantees free premium shipping in the online shop “for millions of items”. On the other hand, a subscription includes unlimited streaming of films and series with Prime Video, the streaming of over two million songs with Prime Music and the borrowing of books from the Prime Reading catalog. The price of the service differs depending on the form of payment. With an annual payment agreement, the contribution costs a total of 69 euros. Anyone who chooses a monthly transfer pays EUR 7.99 per month. Amazon even offers a discounted membership for students and trainees. In the first twelve months, a sponsor pays the cost of the subscription. After this time, only about half of the amounts requested are due.
According to Amazon, Prime Video contains over 12,000 films and series episodes. The company apparently lists each episode of a series individually. This makes it difficult to compare the offers of Prime Video and Netflix, since only records the scope of the titles on Netflix. In addition, it is not apparent whether all content on Amazon can also be used free of charge by Prime customers. Many films and series are not included in the subscription and have to be rented or bought for a fee.
Similar to Netflix, subscribers to Prime-Video will see their own productions and exclusive content that cannot be streamed anywhere else. These include, for example, “The Man in the High Castle”, “American Gods”, “Mr. Robot” and the latest season of “Vikings”. The content can be played in the Internet browser or on Internet-enabled devices such as Smart TVs, Blu-Ray players and game consoles.

Disney +

Disney + has been available in Germany since March 24, 2020. Until then, customers could secure an early bird discount and buy an annual subscription for 59.99 euros. Subsequently, 69.99 euros are due annually. According to their own statements, the later offer amounts to over 1,000 films, series and originals. These consist of the productions of “Disney”, “Pixar”, “Marvel”, “Star Wars” and “National Geographic”. Titles like “The Mandalorian”, “High School Musical – the Series” and “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” will only be shown here. According to information from “Computer Bild”, all common browsers and internet-enabled devices should also be suitable for streaming for Disney +.


All three providers have countless films, series and documentaries ready for their customers. If you only pay attention to the price-performance ratio, Amazon performs best with Prime membership. In addition to the large selection of Prime Video, a subscription also offers the user other advantages with other services from the Internet giant. Students and trainees also benefit from hefty discounts.
With a standard subscription for $ 11.99 a month, Netflix is ​​the most expensive. It is difficult to determine objectively whether this is related to a larger offer of content. Ultimately, the decisive factors are the personal preferences of the customers anyway. All three platforms offer exclusive titles and each have individual advantages. Fans of Star Wars, Marvel and Disney will probably opt for a Disney + subscription. Likewise, fans of series like “Stranger Things” and “House of Money” will likely stay loyal to Netflix.

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