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The ETF subsidiary of Deutsche Bank in the test


All advantages of Xtrackers at a glance

A key advantage of the ETF provider is the good position in the market. As DWS is one of the largest asset managers worldwide, the assets under management speak in favor of an investment in Xtrackers-ETF. Fundamentally, investors have a large selection of different distributing and reinvesting ETFs, but the high level of assets under management and the market position not only convince Xtrackers due to the wide range of offers, but also the low costs compared to other ETF providers.

In addition, there are no front-end loads or redemption costs for trading in Xtrackers exchange-traded index funds. Because the index funds are traded and sold on the stock exchange.

Danger: When trading Xtrackers ETF, you need to be aware that you pay the usual exchange trading fees.

In 2019, Xtrackers was recognized by two other companies as the “Fairest ETF Provider” from the German Institute for Service Quality. Around 50,000 customer opinions were obtained from over 748 companies. Xtrackers rated them particularly well in terms of reliability.

In our specific ETF tests, the DWS Group’s ETF saprts often convince with low fund costs: the total expense ratio (Total Expense Ratio) is very investor friendly.

Tip: At some banks, you can even order and save selected Xtrackers index funds free of charge. You can get numerous savings plans, for example, with a brokerage deposit for just one euro per execution.

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