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Twitter tests spoken tweets message


SAN FRANCISCO (dpa-AFX) – Twitter gives users a test opportunity to publish tweets as voice messages. A spoken tweet can be up to 140 seconds long; if you speak longer, the next message starts automatically. The function is initially only available in the Twitter app for that iOSSystem will be available from Apple’s iPhones and iPads, as Twitter announced on Thursday night. However, everyone should be able to listen to them.

Twitter did not go into the blog entry on how to implement measures against hate speech, baiting or dangerous false information in spoken tweets. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have now started to scan the posts to discover such content instead of waiting for user reports. Most recently, they rigorously acted against false corona virus information that could harm people and attempts to keep citizens away from elections.

A Twitter spokesman told CNN that they were working on additional surveillance systems before the feature could be rolled out. The voice tweets will also be checked for information from users and measures will be taken if necessary./so/DP/eas

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