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Vignettes and Co .: By car on vacation: These costs should be planned for tolls message


In Europe there is no general toll regulation and on the different continents it is different with the toll anyway, which is why travelers have to find out every time they go on holiday – after all, prices and guidelines change constantly. In view of the fact that, according to Statista, the number of almost 20 million Germans who take their main annual holiday by car has increased steadily in recent years, we have put together a small toll overview for you.


ADAC is a reliable source of information – when it comes to countries in Europe and the European economic area. According to ADAC, vignettes are widespread in Europe: In the countries of Bulgaria, Norway, Austria, Romania, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, drivers do not pay for a certain number of kilometers, but for the permission to use the roads within a certain period drive on. The prices can vary between 3 euros for a week and up to 135 euros for a whole year. In most cases, however, the ADAC recommends short-term vignettes, as these are more worthwhile when extrapolated. Attention: Some countries use e-vignettes, others still use the print version. Before you travel, find out how to attach your vignette and which payment method you need to use.

By the way, nobody should avoid the cost of a vignette: if the vignette is not observed, a fine of several hundred euros can be imposed (in Slovenia it is 800 euros according to ADAC) – this also applies to other toll variants. According to the ADAC, for example, the country Italy can impose a fine and additional payment up to ten years after disregarding the toll requirement.

Tolls on highways, bridges, passes and tunnels

In most cases, you can buy your vignette at a toll station near the border. You pay for sections of the route at toll stations on motorways or in front of bridges, passes and tunnels.

According to ADAC, the Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club (OEAMTC) and the car rental company SIXT, there are countries such as France, China, South Africa or the USA in which only some specific roads such as the highways or pass routes are subject to a fee . The special toll for a trip through the Mont Blanc tunnel between France and Italy is therefore a whopping 45 euros. Attention: Even in countries where you need a vignette, additional costs may be incurred for bridges or tunnels, for example.

According to the ADAC, it is important to always take the receipt with you at toll stations and never drive backwards without the permission of the staff, so as not to provoke a dangerous situation. Reversing is prohibited and, like disregarding the toll, can result in high fines.

Find the cheapest route

At many toll stations there are different switches for different vehicles: Sorting is carried out either by weight as in Belarus or by axis distance as in Turkey (vehicles with more than 3.20 meters axis distance are tolled higher in Turkey, in Belarus motorcyclists do not pay Toll).

Depending on the route, you can avoid high toll costs in countries without a toll sticker if you adapt the route accordingly. This is possible via further detailed Internet research, but this can quickly become expensive for long distances. There are also apps that plan the cheapest route or show where you have to spend how much toll costs.

In the end, you have to inform yourself again before each trip as soon as the toll regulations or your travel conditions change: Because violating the guidelines is subject to criminal prosecution and, like in Slovenia, can be quite expensive.

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