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Warren Buffett: The Secret of the Most Successful Investor Ever


Invest in value indices with index certificates

in the Value Stars Germany index are promising small caps based on Warren Buffett’s value strategy. The index reflects an actively managed reference portfolio that includes small and medium-sized companies from Germany that meet the strict criteria of the value strategy. The performance of this index ‘has convinced in the past: The Value Stars Germany index not only outperformed the leading German index DAX, but also outperformed the small cap index SDAX several times.

The experienced team of analysts in the “Der Investor Letter” letter plays a decisive role in the selection of companies for the index. The experts have many years of expertise in value analysis. The Value Stars Germany Index is a prime example of how Warren Buffett’s investment strategy not only works for the star investor himself, but also for successful stock exchange professionals and investors.

About the Value Stars Germany index certificate of the Aktiengesellschaft Lang & Schwarz you can participate 1: 1 in the performance of the index. The certificate fee is 1.75 percent per year, and there is also a performance fee of 20 percent when a new high water mark is reached – the index thus reaches a new high.

Tip: You can find out more about the Value Stars Germany index and the associated certificate in the Investing guide on promising small caps.

The QIX Germany, managed by TraderFox GmbH and calculated by Solactive AG, Warren Buffet would surely also like it. The QIX, which is short for quality index, lists stocks whose selection was based on quality and value factors à la Warren Buffett. In total, the index consists of 25 German companies that impress with their quality and stability. In the information brochure for QIX Germany it says: “Successful companies with a high moat are recorded with the help of numerous operational key figures and included in QIX Germany.” The aim is therefore to put together a portfolio of companies with stable business models, high competitive advantages and cheap to moderate valuation.

When considering the exact composition of the index, the proximity of the index composition to Warren Buffett’s strategy becomes particularly clear. Only companies that are characterized by high barriers to entry or competitive advantages are included in the index. The key figures return on equity, equity ratio, the net profit margin as well as stable growth and price stability are decisive for the listing in QIX Germany.

The QIX Germany offers a good compromise in terms of stock selection, diversification and return opportunities. Investors who want to invest in the index can do so with the Open end index certificate from UBSManagement fees are 1.5 percent per year. The certificate is best suited for investors with medium to high risk tolerance who want to participate in the performance of the stocks contained in the index with little capital and administrative effort.

The QIX Dividend Europe was developed for investors who want to rely on Buffett’s dividend strategy and European companies. The index lists the 25 best European dividend stocks. As in QIX Germany, this index composition is based on the premises of stability and security. Investors participate in the performance of the European index with the UBS Open End Index Certificate (ISIN DE000SLA3LM9 / WKN UBS2QX). 1.5 percent management fees are payable on investment.

A global index, which is based on the value strategy, is the SG Global Quality Income Net Total Return Index (EUR) (ISIN DE000SLA3SG6 / WKN SLA3SG). The core of the index ‘of Solactive AG is a well-founded selection of companies that have solid balance sheets, solid management and a solid foundation. The index is adjusted on a quarterly basis and contains between 25 and 75 shares. Since SG Global Quality Inc NTR is a total return index, dividend payments are added to the index. If you want to participate in this index, you can buy an index certificate as well as at QIX Germany. Such an index certificate can be obtained from Société Générale without a time limit (ISIN DE000SG3JGQ9 / WKN SG3JGQ). The management fees for this certificate are 1.0 percent per year.

Our recommendation: Do you want to invest according to Warren Buffett’s basic rules? Then you can use the Value Stars Germany index certificate and the UBS certificate on QIX Germany invest in German quality stocks. The UBS certificate on QIX Dividend Europe is suitable for a European investment focus and a dividend strategy. If you want to invest globally, choose the Société Générale index certificate on the SG Global Quality Income Net Total Return Index.

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