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WWDC 2020: Apple update: iPhone owners can look forward to these AR functions on iOS 14 | message


First 9to5Mac reported on the Augmented Reality (AR) functions of the iOS 14 updates for iPhone and iPad. In the meantime, further information about the functions has become public, for example TheVerge reports in more detail about the new AR functions of the “Find My” app.

Augmented reality app “Gobi”

As 9to5Mac reports, Apple’s new AR app could be called “Gobi”. It is currently apparently being tested in Apple Stores and at Starbucks. The principle is very simple: the user holds the camera of his cell phone on an object and the AR app provides a wide variety of information about it. For example, not only the price of the property, but also a price comparison to other or similar properties could be displayed to the user.

It is reported that QR codes with an unusual design could serve as triggers for “Gobi”: If the camera app scans a specially designed QR code at Starbucks, for example, this could lead directly to a virtual stamp or menu.

Third Party SDK / API

According to 9to5Mac, the AR app should not only be used in Apple Stores and Starbucks branches: While Starbucks is currently testing the Software Development Kit (SDK), other companies will soon be able to use the Application Programming Interface (API) and thus Apple’s AR Extend radar. Information about who the API / SDK should be accessible to is not yet known – only selected companies may be able to participate in the project for the time being.

Integration of airtags?

Both 9to5Mac and former TechCrunch reporter Josh Constine report that QR codes may not only serve as AR triggers: While 9to5Mac merely mentions that iBeacons and the long-awaited airtags may also play a role in the new AR functions According to TheVerge, Constine knows that the airtags are linked to the “Find My” app.

According to Macwelt, similar to the iBeacons, the airtags can track down objects of all kinds with the help of small tracking devices and the “Find My” app. The app emits acoustic signals to signal that the object you are looking for is nearby. According to Constine, these tones should also change with the iOS 14 update.

But official details about “Gobi” will probably have to be waited until WWDC 2020 on June 22nd – until then the tension increases.

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