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MoCo organized the Ooita Live, Super Social Distancing Event: The concert that will change the history of live broadcasting


The world has changed a lot this year. Social distancing protocols have put limits on our daily lives, but it doesn’t have to be the end of socializing or live entertainment.

In these difficult times, the live platform will open a new way to enjoy entertainment and socializing, from home, or from wherever you are. Even in the most isolated places.

That is why, combining patented high-resolution video technologies with the Wi-RAN wireless network of the University of Kyoto, will present the world, exclusively, the new Live Network event.

It is the world’s first wireless delivery, with high quality 4K live video, the “Ooita Live, Super Social Distancing Event”.

From the offices of VR Motion Communications (MoCo), in Tokyo, many preparations and tests are being done, so that the event goes as well as possible.

The artists that will participate during the event will be the 5th Elements duo, made up of YU and A-RA; and Asian pop stars Stephanie and Harada Shinji.

This will be the most advanced live music streaming event, and it will be held from Japan.

The event will open doors to new businesses such as smart cities and telemedicine.

What is MoCo VR?

VR Motion Communications (MoCo) is a revolutionary communication platform that will forever change the mode of communication on the Internet.

The MoCo platform and technology can simultaneously broadcast live and direct worldwide in 4K / 8K, 360 ° quality, of such events as, for example, Soccer World Cup matches, Super Cup and other more outstanding concerts of artists from renowned, carried out at the other end of the world.

Thanks to this, it is possible to carry out the “Ooita Live, Super Social Distancing Event”.

This will also create an absolutely new VTuber universe, but in 3D, where users will have the possibility to monetize their artistic qualities and talents.

Video compression with the use of AI technology

This technology enables 4K / 8K content data to be reduced to 1/100 ~ 1/1000 of its initial size without loss of quality (including 2D and 3D video content).

It also allows live content and recordings in 3D and 4K / 8K formats (such as 3D avatars, video chat and even VR 360 ° content) to be distributed and broadcasted on a large scale to televisions, computers and mobile devices over the Internet.

With the help of image analysis and machine learning technologies, in conjunction with data collection, MoCo offers Visual Information x Network AI technology.

This technology captures movement and small gestures live with the help of a webcam and devices, then analyzes and transforms them into the HD 3D image of the original object (for the 3D avatar Chat system and also for the 4K + post system in real-time mode and scanned version for virtual reality), which can now be moved and controlled only with the help of a smartphone or webcam.

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