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1 million Bitcoin wallets now hold over $ 10,000


Everyone entering the crypto market, we do so in the hope of making a profit from it. Either because we trust the future of Bitcoin as an international currency, or because we believe in the possibilities that trading offers us. And now, this seems to be confirming when it has become known that 1 million Bitcoin wallets have more than 10,000 dollars. Showing the degree of adoption of BTC that exists, as well as the gains generated in this latest bull rally.

Bitcoin adoption grows around the world

With each passing day, the role that Bitcoin plays in the world economy grows little by little. And it is that, of being a marginal curiosity, with a handful of fanatical followers of cryptography. Bitcoin has become one of the most important financial assets in the entire world. Not only thanks to its price, but above all to the adoption that it has achieved around the world.

Thus, in all countries millions of people have entered the world of cryptocurrencies. Some buying Bitcoins and storing them, serving cryptocurrency as a safer saving method than fiat money. And others entering the market to trade with the virtual currency, in search of quick profits.

This has allowed Bitcoin to increasingly become a common object within society. Integrating into popular culture, and being known by most of the people in the big cities. Something that, in addition, drives the growth in the adoption of Bitcoin, and therefore in its demand. This being the central cause of the increase in the price of BTC, and the situation in which a million wallets have more than 10,000 dollars in the cryptoactive.

More than $ 10,000 per account

Thus, according to the information provided by BitInfoCharts, at the moment more than 1 million Bitcoin wallets have the equivalent of $ 10,000 or more. Living this number an increase since the last time that the cryptocurrency reached $ 15,000 in January 2018, shortly after the great bullish rally of 2017 ended.

1 million Bitcoin wallets now have more than $ 10,000. Source: BitInfoCharts
1 million Bitcoin wallets now have more than $ 10,000. Source: BitInfoCharts

According to BitInfoCharts, the number of wallets with more than $ 10,000 in Bitcoins would be 1,085,113. This is thanks in part to the impressive rise in the price of BTC, which has reached $ 15,280 per Bitcoin at the time of writing. What has increased the value of Bitcoins stored in the wallets of hundreds of people. And on the other, thanks to the simple increase in the adoption of cryptocurrency.

These wallets of course would not be the majority of the crypto world. With most wallets still hovering between $ 1 and $ 100. However, if it would be a good example of how the crypto world is evolving, including more and more users within this section of wallets with more than 10,000 dollars.

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