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2019: the 5 best cryptocurrencies

2019: the 5 best cryptocurrencies


2019 is coming to an end. What were the best cryptocurrencies this year and how much profit could you have made had you invested € 100 in January?

5th Tezos (XTZ) – 182.18%

Not only did Bitcoin perform well this year, it also went smoothly with the cryptocurrency Tezos. The price of the coin rose by 182.2 percent since January 1. At the beginning of the year, an XTZ was only worth 0.47 cents. The price could go up to $ 1.76. If you had invested 100 euros in XTZ in January, they would now be worth 182.18 euros.

4. Centrality (Cenzz) – 287.2%

Cenzz started 2019 with a price below $ 0.02. The cryptocurrency remained constant between two and five cents until autumn. In October the price suddenly skyrocketed and Cenzz was worth $ 0.17. An investment of 100 euros would now be worth 287.20 euros.

3rd Chainlink (LINK) – 533.20%

Chainlink has already passed its high point of the year. However, this year’s profit is still substantial. At the beginning of the year, LINK was worth $ 0.30. In the summer, the price rose to $ 4.00. Even if the coin lost value afterwards, it is still worth over 500 percent more than at the beginning of the year. 100 euros in LINK would now be worth 533.20 euros.

2. Synthetix (SNX) – 2,341.75%

The SNX price rose a whopping 2,341.75 percent this year. With such a number, one initially suspects that the so-called “pump and dump” played a role here. However, this is not true because the price has risen throughout the year. SNX started the year at $ 0.04 and peaked at $ 1.42. Your 100 euros would now be worth 2,341.75 euros.

1st soul (SOUL) – 3,366.49%

SEELE shows similar growth to SNX. However, the cryptocurrency rose from $ 0.003 to $ 0.17. An investment of 100 euros would now be worth 3,366.49 euros!

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