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A look at Fintech crowdfunding platforms


We live in the era of collective financing (crowdfunding), far from the idea of ​​individual funds. It has been widely accepted and implemented for two reasons: the power of collaboration, and the power of ideas. These factors together make the fintech crowdfunding mechanism a platform where ideas can be presented to the masses.

Crowdfunding is the method of fundraising through the joint effort of companies, financial specialists and clients. This strategy mainly takes advantage of online crowdfunding and web-based platforms. As of 2018, the size of the global crowdfunding market was estimated at $ 84 billion, which is expected to increase to $ 114 billion by 2021.

At the core of every great crowdfunding effort is a well-planned idea and a recognized, well-articulated mission. Appropriate publicity for crowdfunding can have a significant effect.

More than 75% of all crowdfunding campaigns are unable to obtain essential funding. However, most of those that do end up exceeding the amount needed to develop a product or service.

Crowd-funding Fintech

While there is talk of fintech crowd-funding, success does not only depend on an idea or the team that presents it, but also largely depends on the platform that a team uses for crowd-funding.

Using a trustworthy, reputable and fair crowdfunding platform can clearly define the future of a financing project. One such trusted and reputable Fintech crowdfunding platform is Nimbus.

What should you know about Nimbus?

Nimbus is a modular web-based Fintech platform, with the central idea of ​​ease of use and accessibility. It has the following main characteristics:

  • Security
  • Convenience
  • User experience
  • High performance
  • Scalability
  • Cross-platform functionality

One of the main objectives of the Nimbus platform is to democratize wealth generation by increasing access to financial and investment products for a global audience.

Thus, Fernando Martinho, general manager of the Nimbus platform, points out: «Nimbus has already implemented a successful mechanism for accessing international financial instruments and markets«. Therefore, today, as CEO, he sees two things as primary goals for everyone at Nimbus:

  1. Expand opportunities by introducing new tools on the platform.
  2. Expand reach and geography by leveraging our experience, leadership, and community resources around the world.

On the Nimbus platform, users can easily create their own portfolio using all the fintech products available on the platform through its applications.

Advantages of using Nimbos as a fintech crowdfunding platform

This marketplace offers users access to a wide range of financial products for traditional financing and cryptocurrency markets. For example, stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, initial public offerings, and REITs. The Avalon app is one of their flagship apps, which is a dedicated arbitrage trading app for exclusive use on the Nimbus platform.

Also, the Nimbus platform will soon launch its mobile application so that users can follow their progress on the platform. This application will use push notifications to keep users updated.

It will allow users to keep track of the coins they want by integrating a complete coin tracker with advanced features like coin suggestions and DeFi recommendations.

This application will also have a built-in wallet so that users can add, send, receive or exchange coins with other users or between different currencies within their own wallet.

Regular advancements in technology, rapidly expanding economies, and variable customer expectations are the main factors driving demand for fintech products and services around the world.

With the ever-evolving market in mind, the Nimbus core leverages the latest technologies to develop new capabilities and augment existing ones to improve the delivery and performance of financial products and services.

Nimbus aims to create a fintech ecosystem that deeply integrates blockchain technology with traditional financial systems. All of this including modernity, convenience and accessibility to generate a better user experience as a whole. It is a very secure and stable crypto platform.

More details about it: guaranteed security

The Nimbus kernel is developed under strict CCSS Level 2 compliance, so it can withstand continuous DDOS attacks without facing any disruption to operations. Its P2P system makes the products of its ecosystem more resistant to any attack.

Data immutability is ensured in the Nimbus core by implementing decentralized data storage (DDS). They have included Fraud Protection 3.0 consisting of advanced security settings like 2FA.

They also have behavioral and biometric safeguards and cold storage options. A dedicated pool of private encrypted blockchains ensures complete data integrity in the Nimbus core along with full AES-256 data encryption.

This platform pursues a combination of cutting-edge cloud computing with crypto technologies to form a quality multi-service Fintech ecosystem. This ecosystem provides its users with a unique set of tools and services through which they can achieve a secure and profitable crypto experience anytime, anywhere.

The core of the Nimbus is planned around the following layers:

  • Applications
  • P2P loan
  • P2P exchange
  • Commercial and payment services
  • Market

What projects can we expect from Nimbus?

For the first quarter of 2021, the Nimbus platform intends to announce the launch of its full product. After this launch, users will be able to transfer their funds to the public blockchain while the NMBT coin will appear on various exchanges. Nimbus will launch its entire ecosystem so that users can finally use its financial tools and services.

Fintech corwdfunding continues to show signs of steady improvement as the public finance industry continues to grow. Over time, the overall structure and distribution of these funds is evolving.

This industry continues to revolve around lending based on crowdfunding, however, equity-based financing is also gaining ground. The future of crowdfunding will be a very interesting mix of equity-based lending and fundraising.

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