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A tour of some Blockchain technology news


Spain has been a country that has welcomed Blockchain technology very well. In the territory we can highlight numerous projects that seek to innovate in different industries hand in hand with this technology. Today, we leave you a tour of some Blockchain technology news.

Spanish blockchain startup awarded in the first BNEW edition

Vottun, a startup dedicated to data traceability on blockchain has received the award for the best logistics innovation. This, during the first edition of the BNEW.

The first edition of the Barcelona New Economy Week (BNEW) was closed on October 9 at the headquarters of the Estación de Francia in the city of Barcelona, ​​Spain.

The main objective of the event was to deliver the awards for the best BNEW Innovation in five economic sectors: logistics, real estate, digital industry, e-commerce and economic zones.

The activity, organized by the Barcelona Free Trade Zone Consortium, was attended by the King of Spain, Felipe VI, and the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez.

Who gave recognition to the award-winning startups: Exum (e-commerce), Vottun (logistics), Rimbo Rent (real estate), E4-3D Engineering (digital industry) and Oimo Bioplastics (economic zones).

The King of Spain, Felipe VI had the opportunity to send a message to the participants and winners:

“… Let’s demonstrate an image of unity that provides a stable and beneficial environment for companies, thus generating greater wealth and employment. A positive international image always contributes significantly to the economy in terms of investment, employment and strengthening the local fabric and promoting innovation… “

The startup Vottun won the award for the best logistics innovation thanks to the blockchain platform. To prevent fraud and optimize data processes.

350 MPs now have their first Bitcoins

350 representatives of the Spanish Congress of Deputies already have their first satoshis (or fractions of Bitcoin). Thanks to an educational campaign.

The initiative is led by the educational platform of cryptocurrencies Tutellus and the specialized medium in technology Blockchain Observatory.

The new campaign arises with the objective of generating awareness among the country’s legislators. About the “transcendental” role that digital currencies are going to have in the transformation of the economy and society.

Spanish companies appear to be replicating a similar program that was rolled out earlier this week in the United States. Under the name of “Crypto For Congress”.

Although it is not clear if Tutellus and Observatorio Blockchain were inspired by the North American initiative or if it is a curious coincidence. Both campaigns are marking a milestone, marking the first time that members of Congress have received a small sum of Bitcoin.

In the case of the Spanish campaign, the ten parliamentary groups in the lower house received an email with a Bitcoin digital wallet. Where each representative is given the equivalent of 1 euro (USD $ 1.18) in cryptocurrency value.

KPMG Unveils Blockchain Solution for Tracking Climate Emissions

To end the tour of some Blockchain technology news. It was known that the international accounting firm KPMG has revealed its Blockchain-based Climate Accounting Infrastructure (CAI) solution to help organizations measure, report and offset their greenhouse gas emissions.

CAI uses blockchain to securely store environmental data in a financial system. As part of organizations’ climate risk assessments and asset valuations.

Its objective is to help companies meet environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) objectives.

The solution integrates the existing systems of an organization. Including IoT sensors, with external data sources to establish a verifiable trace of emissions and offsets recorded on the blockchain.

The accounting giant collaborated with data tracking and provenance providers Context Labs and Prescriptive Data, and blockchain firm Allinfra, on the product. Context Labs enriches the emissions data provided by organizations with an environmental context, before registering and certifying environmental, operational and financial information.

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