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A volatile weekend is forecast for Bitcoin


The most important event of the crypto ecosystem is approaching, with the Halving of Bitcoin a few hours away, and we begin the countdown. That is why a high volatility is expected for the price of Bitcoin before this event.

Volatility for Bitcoin over the weekend

There is less and less missing for the long-awaited Bitcoin Halving. In this context, a weekend of high volatility is expected for the price of Bitcoin.

The long-awaited event will be on May 12, with reduced payments to Bitcoin miners when they mine a block. This event has historically been seen as a catalyst for growth in the markets.

Bitcoin miners compete to validate the transaction blocks of the cryptocurrency network and get their reward, and to do this they must solve a complex mathematical problem through their powerful computers.

Today, Bitcoin has tested the 10K barrier on several occasions. In this sense, we wonder if it will be able to consolidate this bullish scenario and thus overcome it even before Halving occurs.

Bitcoin does not appear in Warren Buffett’s annual letter

Berkshire Hathaway billionaire investor, president and CEO Warren Buffett presented his long-awaited annual letter from his firm. This time he did it in an unusual way, since due to the Coronavirus pandemic, he did it online.

Buffett is known in the crypto world as a detractor to Bitcoin, and unsurprisingly, he did not mention Bitcoin in his annual letter presented to his investors.

One of its central announcements focused on mentioning that it would sell all its airline shares, since it does not expect a recovery in the short or medium term in that sector.

The CEO of the Berkshire Hathaway firm has previously presented his negative stance towards cryptocurrencies even at meetings of his company. For him, cryptocurrencies in general will come to a bad outcome.

Vitalik Buterin will help the world after the Coronavirus

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin expressed at the Ethereal Summit that Ethereum will play an important role after the Coronavirus.

It is a collective knowledge of all the ravages that the Coronavirus pandemic has caused worldwide, bringing down not only the health sector in many countries of the world, but also taking the economy ahead.

In this sense, Buterin expressed that Ethereum will help the world by being the glue that holds it together after fracturing due to COVID-19. He highlighted that the crisis caused by this pandemic encouraged the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the world.

Samson Mow was correct in his Bitcoin price prediction

Two months ago analyst Samson Mow said that the main cryptocurrency in the market, Bitcoin, would reach USD 10,000 before the Halving of Bitcoin, which will be on May 12.

His price prediction was not wrong, as Bitcoin tested $ 10,000 since Thursday night. Bitcoin Halving has raised a lot of expectation within the ecosystem, for being an event that happens every four years and mainly for being an important catalyst in the price of BTC.

The analyst celebrated Bitcoin’s bullish move, retweeting himself, to show the community his great success.

Binance introduced Polaris for India

The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, announced that it has incorporated Polaris in India. It is an initiative for entrepreneurs in India that can meet the creative needs of the Asian giant.

Binance seems to be stronger than ever, the Coronavirus has not stopped her at all. On the contrary, it is constantly growing and launching products on the market.

Binance created Polaris with the intention of training more entrepreneurs, and new talent in the initial stages, to exploit and explore their interests.

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