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Andrew Yang fights for data privacy with Humanity Forward


Andrew Yang, a former US presidential candidate and a well-known cryptocurrency advocate, announced a new and interesting initiative to protect online privacy through Humanity Forward.

His candidacy may end but his struggle to defend cryptocurrencies is just beginning.

The former presidential candidate launched Humanity Forward last Thursday, a nonprofit organization that aims to embody the spirit of its 2020 presidential campaign.

The launch was announced through a tweet, signaling its search for a human-centered United States. He also requested collaborations to support the organization. However, an interesting aspect is that you will not be accepting donations in crypto at the time of launch.

According to the description of the organization, its fundamental principle will be to defend the data as a property right. However, it includes other relevant aspects such as universal basic income and human-centered capitalism.

Humanity Forward: Data privacy?

Humanity Forward deeply rejects online platforms that collect data from its users to share or sell to other entities such as advertisers or fraudulent services.

Recall the terrible scandal in which Facebook was involved when it disseminated the personal information of 87 million users to Cambridge Analytica. Obviously, this event raised many concerns regarding the privacy of data in the social network. This caused thousands of its users to panic.

“Some companies have not done what is necessary to protect our data, which has resulted in violations that have made our private information insecure. Others have made a profit from it, giving the data to companies that have a bad reputation. ”

The organization’s action plan is to increase audience support through conferences and podcasts.

In this way, Humanity Forward asks for the privacy of the data in terms of basic human rights, arguing that each individual must be the sole owner of their data. So he urges an end to bad practices and asks people to fight for their rights.

How to fight for your rights? Knowing the laws!

Also, the statement entitled “Data as a Property Right” emphasizes the need for people to know the laws that protect them and require companies in their environment to comply with them.

“Some states have adopted new laws that allow consumers to exercise control of their data rights. Our goal is to make companies comply with their obligations under these laws and that YOU, the consumer, benefit and share that value. ”.

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