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Another Bitcoin Satoshi move, why?


Today the entire crypto market is surprised by the fact that another 50 Bitcoins (BTC) from the Satoshi Nakamoto era were moved according to

Satoshi Nakamoto-era Bitcoin

Over the past few weeks we have seen more and more Bitcoin from the Satoshi era wake up. Specifically, since the beginning of October, there have been two movements: The first was 50 BTC and the second, 1,000 BTC.

But that is not all. In May of this May 50 BTC also moved.What is happening? reported that these 50 BTC were first transferred to the address on November 9, 2010. This allows us to think that these coins were received as a reward to a miner.

In addition, the wallet where the Bitcoins were found had not made any transaction until today.

Therefore, today the BTCs were transferred to three different addresses: two Bech32 (a SegWit format) and one P2SH. The transactions were 30.16, 12.48 and 7.34 BTC.

However, the news itself may not be very relevant but it has been an interesting topic of conversation in the crypto community and a mystery that many want to solve.

What drives crypto assets?

eToro published a report titled “What Moves Crypto Asset Prices” looks at what are the main factors that make crypto assets move.

In addition to other findings, eToro found that crypto assets tend to rise the most over a period of one week after any type of announcement.

Grayscale raised $ 1 billion in investment products

Today Grayscale Investments published its quarterly report where it revealed that it has raised $ 1.05 billion in its investment products.

Among all its products, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust leads with an inflow of just under $ 720 million in the latest quarter. And, unsurprisingly, most of the investment comes from institutional investors.

Bitcoin friendly cities

Recently a report by was published analyzing which cities in the United States were Bitcoin friendly.

What do you think are the most crypto-friendly cities? As it turns out, Los Angeles tops the list, followed by New York, San Jose, Houston, San Francisco, Boston, Fort Worth, Dallas, Seattle and Washington DC.

In a few lines

  • CipherTrace published a useful guide for authorities who want to recognize when crypto is being used for criminal purposes.
  • According to ChainInfo, Coinbase has approximately 994,904 cold-stored Bitcoin.
  • Scam Alert noted that today the “giveaway” scam claimed another victim after he sent a full Bitcoin to an address linked to “”.

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