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Australia will launch its Blockchain strategy


In the world, there is not a single country that is not aware of the importance of developing its capabilities in Blockchain technology. Well, the management of it and its use by governments, companies and organizations, will be one of the keys to success in this 21st century. Reason why Australia prepares to launch its National Blockchain Strategy.

The strategic value of the Blockchain

Currently on the planet, there are a handful of technology that will define the development of the 21st century. Among them we find artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, bioengineering, and of course Blockchain technology. All of them are products of the Fourth Industrial Revolution currently in progress.

That is why, lately we have seen a greater effort by most of the countries in the world in the development of these technologies. Either for the creation of artificial intelligences capable of performing human tasks. Or the use of Blockchain technology for military purposes.

In this race for technological development, China occupies a prominent place in almost all areas. Well, in his role as rising power defying American hegemony. Learn about the advantage that fluid handling of elements such as blockchain provides. That tomorrow may be definitive to consolidate its power.

But this breakthrough generates a reaction. Especially from countries that are close enough to China, to feel the pressure caused by its brilliant rise in the use of certain technologies. Countries among which is Australia, a nation increasingly aware of the risk that Chinese technological development represents for its security.

The Australian plan

For this reason, the Canberra government is committed to creating a strategy that guides its movements in the field of Blockchain technology. Having been developed for almost a year by the Australian Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology, in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce, Tourism and Investment.

This strategy points to the consolidation of Australia as a leader in the Blockchain technology sector. Prioritizing some sectors of its economy for the inclusion of block chains. Among those who would find winemaking, as well as banking and finance.

In the words of the Minister of Industry, Karen Andrews, this national strategy will guide Australia for the next five years. It should also be the basis for the regulations established in the sector as of now.

Although so far the Australian government has not dedicated resources to the development of Blockchain technology. We can expect that with the launch of its national strategy, this situation will begin to change. With the participation of the private sector. What makes this our Today’s Data here at CriptoTendencia.

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