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Barcelona will have its own token


One of the best aspects of Blockchain technology is its versatility. Well, there is no person, company, government or organization that cannot participate in blockchains. And even issue their own virtual tokens. Therefore, the news of the token issued by the Barcelona football club, far from surprising us, confirms the capabilities of the Blockchain.

A gap less and less large

If a merit has the new technology developed in recent decades, it is to have closed the opportunity gap. And, thanks to the massification of computers and smartphones. Today, anyone can access capabilities that were once exclusively in the hands of large companies and governments.

Just think of all the functions we can perform from our laptop. Either keep the accounting of a company automatically and orderly. Write letters, reports, essays or even books in a simple way. Or perform complex mathematical operations in just seconds. None of this was available to ordinary people only 100 years ago.

The same can be said of the capabilities provided by Blockchain technology. Well, things like quickly creating special tokens that serve as collectibles, money or even electoral votes. All thanks to the computing power of the users of a distributed database. They seemed impossible a few decades ago. But today, organizations like Barcelona are doing it daily.

Barcelona has its own cryptocurrency

Thus, FC Barcelona has announced an alliance with the company dedicated to the Blockchain, Chiliz, for the launch of its own token for fans. It will have the official name «Barça Fan Tokens», and aims to promote interaction between the football club and its fans.

In this way, possession of the Barcelona token will provide special advantages to fans. Including the possibility of winning prizes or voting in polls to make certain decisions in the club. Among them, what music should be played in the stadium when Barcelona scores in a match.

The initial price of this token will be two euros each, launching an initial offer of 40 million to the market. For which fans must enter the portal of Chiliz,, and use a cryptocurrency developed by the company to perform these transactions. However, the price of the token once in the hands of users will depend on supply and demand.

With this, Barcelona would be part of the group of football clubs that would be trying to take advantage of Blockchain technology, to interact more efficiently with their fans. There is a contract between Chiliz and Atlético de Madrid with conditions similar to those of Barcelona.

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