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Best Brokers to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies


Currently, investing in cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin (BTC) can be a fairly easy activity. Related to the wide variety of crypto brokers that can be found. However, not all of them are trustworthy, some have limitations by region and the like that can make investment difficult.

Compilation of the best crypto brokers to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

The main aspect that must be taken into account when choosing a broker is the trust and transparency that this online portal can offer investors. Because, in this way you can avoid risks of losing money.

However, the platform must also be taken into account as such, informative and perhaps visual as well. Since, the more complex the platform, the more useful it could be. In other words, some portals offer a greater amount of tools to use during the investment of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, visualizing in detail the available tools is extremely important, since thanks to them, you can perform the graph analysis, study the market and perform other activities. Among the most recommended brokers to invest you can find the following.

1. XTB

This is one of the best online brokers, it is characterized by having a wide diversity of advantages, among them the possibility of making investments of CFDs on cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. Which, clearly is a point to highlight, since it has a large number of products to invest in its platform.

Also, in XTB you can find a graph in real time with a variety of tools that allow you to adjust the times, data, mobile bands, indicators or others.

2. Plus500

Plus500 is one of the brokers that is currently having more relevance, which may be due to multiple factors. Among them, the possibility of investing in contracts for difference or CFDs of Bitcoin, ETH, TRON, Dash or others stands out.

In addition, its platform is friendly and easy to understand, including its demo, which allows any individual to easily enter and have an experience on the portal. Which, will be important, since its main function is to allow unlimited strategies to discover what is the strategy that best suits the trader.

3. SimpleFX

It is considered one of the best options for new users in Bitcoin (BTC) investments. SimpleFX can find the necessary tools to analyze the market and perform all the current activities of a trader. However, it can also be used by more professional and knowledgeable users.

It was founded in 2014, has compatibility with Android, iOS and Windows. In addition, it also has a friendly platform, which allows any user to adapt easily.

It is available 24 hours a day to operate and has other options to invest, including: stocks, metals, products and indices.

4. PrimeBit

Finally, there is PrimeBit, a platform specialized in the exchange or trading of cryptocurrencies. Which, not only will allow you to buy and trade with Bitcoin (BTC), also offers great leverage of up to X200.

As well as other relevant factors, such as: contracts without expiration date, application compatible with Android and iOS, has no minimum deposit, among others.

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