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Binance Broker Program


Through the Binance Broker Program, more than 100 brokers are collaborated to equally grow the exchange’s Blockchain ecosystem. Therefore, with the introduction of the new Binance Futures Broker Bonus Program, further growth is expected.

Last September 2019, Binance launched its Broker Program, with the aim of forming collaborations with the main crypto brokers around the world. Providing order comparison, account management and settlement systems services to associated brokers.

In addition, they are looking to constantly improve the program in the coming months. As is the example of the month of February, when Binance was able to improve the program to include access to Binance Futures. Now one of the top crypto markets in the world.

Broker Program Growth

Each of the partner brokers is able to earn significant discounts and commissions on the commercial fees that come to Binance.

The partners also benefit from Binance’s liquidity. Benefits include: market depth, asset management, security infrastructure, and personalized marketing support.

Also, the best brokers are rewarded, using 10% of the income generated by the program.

In this sense, during the last six months, the platform has been able to provide access to Binance Broker to more than 100 brokers. What it includes: trading platforms, bots, asset management teams, crypto wallets and much more.

Thousands of users were activated in the cash and futures markets through these brokers. Resulting in approximately $ 100 million in additional daily trading volumes.

Brokers also play an important role in Binance’s market growth initiatives. As is the case of the current Binance Futures Trading Tournament, where more than 30 teams that have participated come from users referred by brokers.

Within the markets in which they operate, each of the brokers can offer their respective benefits, powered by Binance technology.

The program has different scenarios

The Program has had mutual growth, both for Binance and for the brokers who are part of it. Capable of providing different growth scenarios, they include encrypted data company, exchanges, asset management services and traditional financial services.

Likewise, the companies that monitor benefit from the Program by being able to integrate commercial information with Binance in real time, and provide it to their users as an added value.

On the other hand, in small and medium exchanges, the program allows access to data and technology from the largest crypto exchange in the world. In turn, they may worry less about other things like liquidity and market depth.

Asset management services, which are specialized in wealth maintenance, are directed to a small group of high priority clients.

In crypto exchange and acquisition services, asset managers can vary their wallets and explore new growth opportunities in Binance’s different markets and solutions.

Finally, traditional financial services can see the value of the project through integration with a crypto exchange. Similar to what asset management services offer their high-priority clients.

In this way, an innovative financial services company can find ways to take advantage of crypto markets and present growth opportunities for its clients.

Being a runner is a comforting thing

Right now, Binance is looking to make the scenarios more enjoyable for being a partner broker and looking for future brokers, especially for Binance Futures. Around 50% of current brokers support Binance Futures.

Likewise, the platform is expanding its support network for brokers and giving more space to new partners. Add talented people to the program to allow for further growth.

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