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Binance CEO recommends Brave Browser


Currently, there is debate about whether governments should track the movements of their citizens to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Therefore, it is pertinent to remember the options we have to protect our privacy. Therefore, it is interesting to see that Chanpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, recommends Brave Browser in our Tweet of today:

Binance founder recommends Brave Browser

The world crisis caused by the Coronavirus is leading to the emergence of important debates that will define the way we live our lives in the years to come. Among which, the one that focuses on the privacy of citizens is one of the most important.

The South Korean model managed to demonstrate something unthinkable for many: surveillance to combat COVID-19. And is that, if the authorities have the ability to track our movements through our phones, they can prevent the uncontrolled growth of the number of infected.

Since by cutting the chains of transmission of the virus, and informing citizens that places are particularly dangerous for them because they were frequented by an infected person.

Of course, at CriptoTendencia we do not intend to have a definitive answer. Especially in an extreme case like that of the Coronavirus. Whether or not it is worth allowing governments to track our movements to ensure our health, it is up to each individual.

However, if we believe that it is a good time to remember one of the best alternatives to protect our privacy. Beyond the COVID-19 crisis: Brave Browser.

Sorry, #Bitcoin is not free (No, it will not go to zero). Privacy is. Just install @Brave Browser. Protect yourselves ”Changpeng Zhao said in his tweet.

Thus, with this tweet, Changpeng Zhao would be reminding us not only of the importance of safeguarding our data, but of the existence of a great option to do so, such as the Brave Browser.

Since, this browser allows you to use the Internet in a normal way, without storing any of your data on its servers, or profiting from its sale to private companies. Which is why the CEO of Binance recommends Brave Browser.

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